This month we've got stock of all of Litko's flight pegs and another assortment of the Tokens too.  June's order should see most of the flight stands brought over and then we'll have a think about what's next!

Flight Pegs

SPG001-10   Standard Flight Pegs, 0.75 inch length (10)
SPG002-10    Standard Flight Pegs, 1.0 inch length (10)
SPG003-10  Standard Flight Pegs, 1.25 inch length (10)
SPG004-10 Standard Flight Pegs, 1.5 inch length (10)
SPG005-10    Standard Flight Pegs, 2.0 inch length (10)
SPG006-10    Standard Flight Pegs, 2.5 inch length (10)
SPG007-10    Standard Flight Pegs, 3.0 inch length (10)
SPG008-10    Standard Flight Pegs, 4.0 inch length (10)
SPG009-10    Standard Flight Pegs, 5.25 inch length (10)
SPG010-10    Standard Flight Pegs, 6.0 inch length (10)
AFS006-20   Standard Flight Stand Peg Toppers, Clear (20)



TS053-TYL    Space Shield Tokens, Transparent Yellow (10)
TS076    Blast Markers, Micro, Fluorescent Amber & Clear (10)
TS077    Flame Markers, Micro, Transparent Yellow, Clear (10)
TS079    Splash Markers, Micro, Translucent White & Clear (10)
TS088-SML    Nuke Markers, Small
TS106    Purple Hearts, Purple (15)
TS607    Smoke Markers, Micro (10)
TS608    Flame Markers, Micro, Fluorescent Amber & Transparent Yellow (10)
TS609    Blast Markers, Micro, Transparent Yellow  & Fluorescent Amber (10)
TS610    Flaming Wreckage Markers, Micro (10)
TS823-FLO    Explosive Damage Tokens, Numbered 1-5, Fluorescent Orange (10)