Footbridges and Road bridges from Sally 4th. 

Over the last couple of weeks we have added three new bridges to our 28mm terrain range, two footbridges and a road bridge.

The footbridges are available in narrow (30mm wide) and wide (60mm wide) to take either one figure or two figures abreast. Both footbridges are 150mm long.

The road bridge is part of our very popular UK roads system so is designed with jigsaw alignment tabs to optionally fit into the Sally 4th road sections. If you don't want to use them they are easily removed, but if you do use them they hold your bridge and roads firmly together and stop them from drifting apart mid game. The road bridge is 300mm long.

Kits are made from MDF and Greyboard and are supplied un-assembled and unpainted.
RRP Footbridges £5.00 / Road Bridge £20.00

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Chris Abbey