Hi, I run www.tinywargames.co.uk, for the past year I have been designing and supplying full colour highly detailed wargaming mats with my friend Ivan, we have supplied over 1000 gamers worldwide. We are now looking to create Tiny terrain tiles, hex shaped single and double sided hex tiles you can use to create your own wargaming terrain. Double sided with different designs, snow on one side and grass on the other? We are working on many different designs, grass, lava, water, sea, sand, desert, etc etc, Also we are making single 100mm hex tiles to add rivers and roads to your mats.

The tiles are made from double sided smooth flat aluminium with a rubber core, these lay very flat and fit in well with other hex shaped terrain on the market.

Highly detailed images from our existing mat range will be used on the tiles allowing an endless combination of designs. Create huge grass areas with seas and rivers, or snowy wastelands or hot deserts.