New Advertiser: Tiny Tin Troops

Tiny Tin Troops have been around for 10 years but we have only just got around to joining with the Wargames Website to spread the word about our wares. Now that the old TTT painting service for 2-10mm figures has been retired I have more time to spend developing new products for the retail side of the business. We take PayPal payments and usually dispatch stock orders within 2 working days. Our main lines are...

Magnetic bases

MDF backed with vehicle grade magnetic sheet (standard bases use 2mm MDF but other thicknesses are available as custom orders). Sizes from 20mm to 150mm (in inches too, if you prefer). Our ‘off the peg’ range has 27 standard sizes in 3 pack sizes, all just a click to order. Any other rectangular size can be made to custom order at similar prices, as can bases backed with Flex-metal.

Magnetic and Flex-metal sheets

The same magnetic sheet used on our bases and a vinyl sheet impregnated with soft iron (trade name is Flex-metal) to line storage boxes or make movement trays. Standard sheets are 255x175mm but custom sizes can be easily made. Both types are self-adhesive.


These ranges started as a necessary evil when painting small-scale figures for which no flag ranges existed or where the regiments customers wanted were not made or were of inadequate quality.

The ranges have grown slowly over the years but we released an extensive WSS range late last year and extended our Napoleonic range to cover the foot of most major combatants from 1801-1815 last month.

All designs are vector images so all sizes are only limited in accuracy by the printing process. All are laser printed on high quality paper.

At present our flag ranges are:

Crusades, Flodden 1513, ECW, Ireland 1690, GNW, WSS, 18thC France & Prussia, Napoleonic (France, Prussia, Austria & Russia). British & Bavarian Napoleonic to be added shortly.

Most ranges are available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 & 18mm sizes (height of the flag) so that you can chose a size that fits what you want. A few ranges are available in larger sizes and more will be added over the next few months.

Card Buildings

Two sets (Medieval and ECW villages) of 1/300th scale card buildings to cut, fold and glue.
Can be used for later periods too.

Card Ship Counters

6 sets of ancient galleys covering the Peloponnesian War to the battle of Actium in 1/600th and 1/1200th scales. Laser printed on sturdy 250gsm card and designed to be stuck to heavier card or magnetic backing for play. Cheap and colourful way to try out ancient naval warfare.