Tiny Tin Troops : New Stuff

The ‘For Sale’ pages have finally been updated with some new items.

  • 10mm WW2 from Pendraken : a big selection of vehicles & some other packs for Germans (110 packs), Soviets (54 packs) & British (34 packs) forces. Almost all in original packaging and in excellent condition.
  • 6mm Baccus Napoleonic packs & strips : French, Spanish & a small group of Brunswick figures too.
  • 10mm Fantasy : Mostly Barbarians but some other interesting bits too. A mix of manufacturers but all compatible with current ranges.
  • Three lots of Spaceships (many built and based but unpainted)
  • Some Brigade Models Land Ironclads

Many existing items are reduced in price so well worth a look.

Find them all HERE

I’m still going through the stuff that has come in and there will be more items going up over the next few weeks. There are more 10mm (WW1 & South American Pacific War) and some more 6mm; British Napoleonics – quite a fair bit of those and some late 19th C French & a few Austrians.

The first part of the new ACW flag range will be up next week with the CSA following soon after.

Here is a taster of some of the range.