Tiny Tin Troops Reopening

Now that I have recovered enough from surgery to handle light jobs TTT will be reopening for some business on Monday 15th March.

To start with it will only be the flag ranges but I will gradually add in other printed products as I get them sorted. The ‘For Sale’ pages will be restored over the first week or so after reopening with some new items added.

There will also be a price increase I’m afraid. It is the first in over 5 years during which shipping, toner & packaging costs have risen steadily. A single sheet of flags will still be only £3, compared to some manufacturers, that is still excellent value for 8 22mm flags or up to 48 6mm ones.

Magnetic sheet materials and bases will not be available until I’m able to lift and handle tools more effectively, that may take a month or more.

A new range of flags will be available on reopening, Napoleonic German States – including the Duchy of Warsaw. Flags for Saxony (Guard & 12 regiments), Wurttemberg (Grenadier Guard & 8 regiments, Hesse-Darmstadt (3 regiments) & Duchy of Warsaw (Vistula Legion & 17 Pulk).

In addition the long promised flags for British Foot in the Peninsula will be available on the Napoleonic Britain page.

As usual these will all be available in sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 & 18mm (flag height). I’m currently reworking the 22mm page to include the new ranges and these will be available when I upload the pages for Spanish & Portuguese flags.

The pages for Peninsula Spanish & Portuguese Foot will be added during the first week after reopening.

Tony of TTT