Tinywargames are the market leaders in designing and producing wargaming mats in cloth and rubber, with over 1000 customers worldwide and over 150 unique designs.

We now wish to add to this success by producing even more exciting new designs as requested by our Facebook group members.

4x4 , 6x4 are the most popular sizes we offer, and are now available in this Kickstarter.

These new designs will initially be on cloth, which can be easily washed and folded, or ironed, perfect for gaming club nights.

The new designs:

Small desert island surrounded by sea, Reef and shoals could be added 28mm
Marston Moor, Edgehill type terrain. 6mm.
Wild West town with a Main Street, side alleys and back yards 28mm Dead Mans Hand/Exodus.
A mountain with vegetation that can be put over pillows towels blankets etc.
Caribbean sea mat, with lighter areas for reefs.