These innovative new rules cover the 1,000 years of the Mesopotamian city states with simple, clear, fun mechanisms that will allow for a large game to be played comfortably in an evening.

At the core of the system is the Fear Test – an asymmetric, simultaneous assessment of the relative levels of fear two opposing units have of the other.

This, allied to a simple and robust combat mechanism, with straightforward movement and terrain rules, means that players will get a quick-to-learn but unique gaming experience from game one.

To enable this further, the rules are written in clear, plain English, with an easy-to-follow page layout, and a Quick Reference Sheet on the back cover.

Written by Graham Evans (aka “Trebian”) a Wargamer, blogger, historian and games designer.

These new rules are the ideal companion to our Sumerian figures.

What the reviewers said:

“An excellent example of a good book of wargame rules, and felt that I could have run a game straight after reading the rules. There were no gratuitous illustrations. Those that were included served a definite purpose, and helped to explain the rules.”

“The rules themselves are simple, straightforward and quick to learn. They give a good, reasonably quick game… with two more solo games under my belt, I’m confirmed in my belief that this gives a very playable game.”

Each set of rules supplied with a free 28mm Sumerian king miniature.