Wire & Foliage Trees.

We are excited to be able to introduce a new competitively priced range of wire and foliage trees to our ever growing inventory.

Suitable for 6mm, 10mm or even 15mm scale, these trees are available in a range of heights from roughly 38mm to 50mm and in varying shades of green, and although not shown below, 30mm high trees are also available by special order – suitable for orchards, new growth, or even bushes.

Made from fine wire and tree foliage these are very flexible trees that can easily be re-shaped to suit the environment they are used in, from small well-spaced orchard layouts all the way to full dense forests, each tree can be adjusted for height and shape, and whilst they have a substantial amount of foliage can easily be dipped in flock for further diversity or to reflect different seasons.

Download the flyer from our site or email for more details.