New Pre-Orders and a Contest to Decide What's Next

Irish and Afghans on Pre-Order

We've had word from the factory that things are moving along with shipping and we can now add the Afghans and Dark Age Irish to the store for pre-order HERE
These two sets along with the Persians will be releasing next month all at once (along with two surprises that we will talk about next week)

A New Iconic Match Up in Hard Plastic
We've been asking people on Facebook for their ideas for two new sets of plastics. The criteria was that they would be adversaries of some type (so that when we did both at once you would cover both sides of a conflict) and also that they were something that could be done with one sprue each.

After hundreds of suggestions and discussion, we've boiled them down to 10 selections and we'd like you to vote on them!

Click HERE to read more and make your vote!