Almost March already, and approaching the 1st anniversary of UK Covid Lockdown. What a very Strange Time we’re living through.

While I’m fantastically lucky to have relocated the business to a place allowing me to Work From Home in safety, I am still suffering considerable difficulty in everyday working process due to the still-ongoing spinal/nerve issue that has my right/dominant hand almost unusable, so production is running at maybe 50% normal. Despite this, order backlog has been whittled down to a small handful requiring remoulds, remastering, or those including models from our Boutique Partners (Bronze Age, Dragon:Bait, Darkling, Forge of Ice, Barbaric Splendor), which are subject to the whims of postal/customs delay. Many orders, though, are being processed within 48hrs of receipt if at all possible.

Meanwhile, I’ve been steadily adding new products to the catalogue - including a huge range of Print-to-Order giant flora, new miniatures, add-ons to the Rubble City modular range, and reissued models that have been OOP for some time.