Kev Moon paints Ganesha Games and Erin miniatures

Halflings and Fugus Warriors by Ganesha Games along with two Erin celtic mythology models painted by Kev Moon. Thanks to Kev for permission to share. Check out his brush work with a big image to click on.



All our 15mm Science Fiction ranges

Alternative Armies has a vast array of 15mm Science Fiction to choose from. Until end of November every order is 15% off at checkout. Impossible for me to show you everything or even a fraction so instead here is a wee bit on each range including The Ion Age my baby. Left hand menu on the home page, as shown. Thank you as always for your support.

Loud Ninja Games 15mm boutique range by Eli Arndt has Ikwen, Yandrassi, Post Apoc, Zombies and much more to offer.

HOF 15mm Science Fiction. The mighty HOF more than 150 codes, 450 poses. Humans, Grey Aliens, Creatures, Robots, Vehicles, Mecha, Battlesuits, Drop Pods, Bikes and way more for a dozen factions. Have a browse!

Laserburn and Asgard. Classic 1980's miniatures back in production. Infantry, Vehicles, Aliens plus rule system and game pack. Check out the Asgard Space Marines too for their vibe.

SHM 15mm Science Fiction. 'Self Help Miniatures' a dozen aspiring sculpters creations brought to metal life by Alternative Armies. All manner of aliens, creatures and more. Single pose selections. Have a look at the weirdness.

The Ion Age 15mm is huge. Patrol Angis, Prydian Army, Khanate Empire, Prang, Xin and much more. While it is back at Alternative Armies I am still working on it and about 85% of the reward points have been paid out. I invite you fine fellows to browse the range and books.



Ashigaru Archer Catfolk released for Kitton

New release for Kitton! Four Ashigaru Archer catfolk added to the growing range of Samurai, Ronin and Villagers oh plus the Giant Oni at 100mm tall. Check these unique 28mm miniatures out. Packs and Singles. Winter Mega Event is on meaning 15% off all orders during checkout and free miniature.