The second half of the show season is in full swing,  but we've still found time to get some more goodies released!

Latest Releases

The run of new releases has continued with another 25 new codes added to the catalogue!  This month we've seen:

Waterloo British (Part 2) - With the addition of the artillery, limbers and personalities, this range is now complete and we can move onto some of the other nations over the coming months.

Nap French generals - We couldn't have the French wandering aimlessly around the table without Boney to keep them in check, so we've also released the French personalities.



With Border Reiver and Colours behind us, we've got another four outings to go this year, so we hope to see a lot of you on the road somewhere.  Next up is the World Wargames event, taking place at Castle Donington Exhibition Centre on the 3rd/4th October.  There's not much time left for pre-orders for this one, but we've extended the deadline to midnight on Sunday 27th to give people a little extra time.

After Derby/Donington our next outing will be a slightly more local affair as we make the short trip down to the Royal Armouries in Leeds for the Fiasco show.  Pre-orders for this one need to be with us by Sun 18th please.

And finally, some very important news for any of our customers attending the Crisis show at the beginning of November.  As you may already be aware, we were unfortunately unable to attend Crisis this year due to the costs/sales involved, which was a real shame.  However the good news is that our friend Ian at Eagle Figures has agreed to take any pre-orders across for us, ready for folks to collect at the show!

As with any other show, we'll need your pre-orders into us at least 7 days before the event, so before Sat 31st October please.  We'll get them cast up, pass them to Ian, and they'll be ready to collect from the Eagle Figures stand at Crisis!  One quick note, all orders will need to be paid for in advance please, just to keep everything nice and easy for everyone.