US Marine Corps rifle platoon (1968)

The United States Marine Corps rifle platoon. The USMC battalions formed a large part of the US deployment to help the South Vietnamese hold back the tide of Communism. Typically 3 Rifle platoons + a weapons platoon made up a company, with three companies + a weapons company making up a Battalion. This platoon represents a typical platoon from the late 60s until the end of the US involvement in Vietnam. This full paper strength platoon will give you all you need whichever ruleset you prefer. Note that in the field units very rarely mustered at full strength.

Command 2 figures

Three 10 man rifle sections

Two 2 man M60 LMg section

36 figures fully painted ready for the tabletop. £220.00 UK post-free.

28mm Empress Miniatures - All figures included.

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