New releases

Several new additions to vanguards in house resin terrain series for you this month all in the 6mm scale. First up is the heavy ordinance defence bunker, a defensive redoubt in common service on many Novan worlds. This model comes with a metal radar dish and two resin turret options.

Next up and again for the Novan Commonwealth faction are two airfield landing pads both medium and large class types, I hope to add a control tower to round out this set at some point.

And finally a more generic bridge span set with modelling options, the bridge spans come with a 2mm deep slot on the back faces to make adding a MDF or plastic card road of what ever width you desire to complete the model.

There are many additional terrain items either being manufactured right now or almost to produce to expand this range in the future. Many items will also see 3mm versions as well.
See the website entries for further details.