Following the release of the Somme Campaign game late last year, Vexillia now have a full range of card & board games from Neal Ried covering the Somme from the first day to the last day of the campaign.

The card games cover just the first day at corps level and are available as pdf versions. With these you can refight all five British attempts to breakthrough on the first day. Each of the attacks faced very different challenges and was met by varying German responses so each game provides a different challenge.

The board game is one of generalship at army level and is a race against time. Can the British break through and capture Bapaume before the onset of winter? Can the German defences hold and stymie the British assault with the perfect counter attack? Can you do better? Avaialble in both print and pdf editions.

For more details, free samples and press reaction please visit the Somme Series web page.