Black Pyramid Gaming – Historical Figures

Part of our Vox Populi range of 28mm figures, our Historical models are drawn from real-life people over the breadth of human history.

Useable as role-playing figures or for skirmish wargaming, these figures are unique, eclectic, and immensely collectable.

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Figures already available (as part of our Vox Populi range) are:

VOX-003 – Jane Digby
VOX-006 – The Great Beast, Aleister Crowley
VOX-007 – The Little Beast, Lola Zaza Crowley
VOX-027 – Gorgo, Queen of Sparta
VOX-028 – Artemisia, Queen of Helicarnassus

The new figures are:

VOX-032 – Eliza Lynch

VOX-033 – Harriet Tubman

VOX-034 – Conductor (of the Underground Railroad, or Harriet Tubman 2)