Dave from Left Bank Workshops and Siege Works Studios have have come to an agreement regards the ex Jackdaw 30mm War of Austrian Succession range. Siege Works Studios will be taking over the day to day manufacture and sales of all Left Bank Workshops products. There are tons of French (The original owner of the Jacdaw range must have loved the French) British, Austrians, Jacobite/Royal Scots, Spanish Migueletes and tons more marshal stuff. There is also an extensive range of civilians. Although I have pics of all the civilians, although some are too indecent for this family page. In fact lets just say the Marquis de Sade, Madame de Beauvoir and Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise from Eyes Wide Shut would be proud but an innocent protestant boy like myself just cannot be exposed to such things and so will not be able to share the pics on this site :)! Never fear though, in the next month or so, the whole range will be on the Siege Works Studios website and yes with piccies for the more adventurous!

In the meantime here are a few pics to get you all started. Its going to take a couple of weeks to sort the whole range out ready for sale. So we are offering a sale price for the next two weeks of $2.00 per figure and over $200 international postage free! Yup what a deal!

Please email us you questions HERE