After a bit of a delay after the big run of shows recently, we're very happy to now be able to release our new Warband Barbarians!  Techno has done an excellent job on these, and as with the Goblins and Hill Dwarves, you're getting complete variety across all of the packs, with no two figures being identical.  Alongside that, we've got revamped Mammoths, Catapults and Icarusi (the last of which we haven't got a pic of yet!)

Following on quickly from these will be the next batch of Monsters, including Scorpions, Spiders and Bats, and then we'll be raising the Undead!

FAN-BAR1 - 25 x Warriors
FAN-BAR2 - 25 x Archers
FAN-BAR3 - 12 x Bison Riders
FAN-BAR4 - 5-man Command Group
FAN-BAR5 - 4 x Shamans with runestone
FAN-BAR6 - 25 x Berserkers
FAN-BAR7 - 2 x Catapults with crews
FAN-BAR8 - 2 x War Mammoths with crew
FAN-BAR9 - 12 x Icarusi (6 standing, 6 in flight)
(packs are £4.50 each, command/shamans are £1.50)

Army Pack: Contains 3 packs of Warriors, and 1 pack each of Archers, Bison Riders, Command, Shamans and Catapults, plus 8 x MDF bases.  Priced at £27.00

And some pics:

Keep your eyes out for more Warband releases coming soon!