Slightly later than planned due to the Painting Competition, we've got the next new Warband range, with the Lizardmen all ready and released!  A few lucky folks got their hands on these at last weekend’s Hammerhead show and we'll also have them with us at both WMMS and Triples later this month.

Our new Warband packs all contain maximum variety, so 25 different sculpts in the foot packs and 12 in the cavalry.  Techno has done some excellent work on these and really made each one unique.  The new command and shamans are excellent as well and will look great painted up for Warband.

FAN-LIZ1 - 25 x Lizardmen Warriors
FAN-LIZ2 - 25 x Lizardmen Hunters
FAN-LIZ3 - 12 x Raptor Riders
FAN-LIZ4 - 5-man Command Group
FAN-LIZ5 - 4 x Shamans with runestone
FAN-LIZ6 - 25 x Newtmen Warriors
FAN-LIZ7 - 25 x Newtmen Hunters
(packs are £4.50 each, command/mages are £1.50)

Army Pack: Contains 2 packs of Lizardmen Warriors, and 1 pack each of Lizardmen Hunters, Raptor Riders, Command, Shamans, Newtmen Warriors and Newtmen Hunters, plus 8 x MDF bases.  Priced at £30.00

And some pics:

Next up should hopefully be the Dragonmen, which will be completely new sculpts!