Wars of Ozz Kickstarter Live Saturday 27th June 15:00 BST

Wars of Ozz is a fantasy miniatures game set in the marvellous world of Ozz first chronicled by L. Frank Baum's in 1900, later turned into movies by MGM and Disney and now the inspiration for a totally unique mass battle tabletop experience. Russ has taken Baum's world as an inspirational starting point for creating our own 'Ozz', a post-apocalyptic Earth where after the last 'Madness Bomb' fell in the 'Last Great War', survivors mutated and chaos reigned until several hundred years later the Wizard arrived.

The Miniatures

Wars of Ozz miniatures have been expertly designed, sculpted and cast by 'Old Glory' one of the world’s longest established and prolific figure manufacturers. The miniatures are characterful, with crisp detail and are a joy to paint (and I should know, I've painted several hundred over the last few months!). All figures are supplied unpainted, some require minor assembly using super-glue (for examples cannons are typically four pieces, riders and their mounts are typically cast separately). All models are cast in a lead/tin alloy that is easy to work with and are supplied as unit packs which include appropriate command figures.

The Rules

The 'Wars of Ozz' rules have been developed by John 'Buck' Surdu, an established and prolific rules author whose previous works include Gaslight, Combat Patrol, ACP164 and many more great rules. The rules have been designed from the start to provide an enjoyable two player, multi-player or solo gaming experience. A typical unit consists of 20 miniatures, mounted on five bases. A typical 'Brigade' (a single player command) contains around five units and an Army would contain two or three 'Brigades' with an overall commander to facilitate team play. A game can be played to its conclusion in 2-3 hours, once units are committed to battle, melees are resolved decisively by the rule’s mechanisms.

Wars of Ozz features a unique activation mechanism which gives Brigade and Army Commanders a role to play while providing a random activation sequence. Combat resolution is quick and brutal; games come to a clear conclusion and are fun to play as the rules use streamlined mechanics that provide drama and excitement, magic has a part to play in the game... this is after all 'Ozz',  but magic is balanced and does not overpower the game.

The World of Ozz

The rulebook also details the unique background, geography and history of our 'Ozz'. The world is populated by at least four major nations, The Munchkins, Quadlings, Winkies and the Gilikins, but who knows what other nations are waiting to be discovered? Everything that you need to know to start gaming in these lands has been included down to descriptions of personalities, army organisation, famous units, uniform painting notes and flags and standards that can be copied or printed to complete your units. Ozz, however is a dangerous and chaotic land and these 'civilized' nations share the world with a fantastical bestiary of creatures including Giant Flying Apes, Greater & Lesser Pumpkin Men, animated Tin-men and Scarecrows, Dire Wolves, Bears, Lions & Tigers, undead skeletons and screamers, Trolls, Giants and Pollywomps and other too numerous to mention.

The Campaign

The Kickstarter Campaign launches at 1500 BST on Saturday 27th June and runs for 28 days until Saturday 25th July. Early bird deals are available which include additional free miniatures.