Wars of Ozz is a fantasy miniatures game inspired by the marvellous world of Oz first chronicled by L. Frank Baum's books in 1900. This inspiration led to the creation of the totally unique mass battle tabletop experience that is Wars of Ozz.

Russ Dunaway has taken Baum's world as an inspirational starting point for creating our own 'Ozz', a post-apocalyptic Earth where after the last 'Madness Bomb' fell in the 'Last Great War', survivors mutated and chaos reigned for several hundred years until the Wizard arrived. Wave one of Wars of Ozz introduced us to the Winkies, Munchkin, Gillikins and Quadlings.
Wave two introduces three brand new playable factions: The Land of Harvest, The Impkins and the Imperial Gnome Army together with the strategic board game Campaigns of Ozz that can either be played as a standalone board wargame with counters and map boards or used as a campaign management tool for generating exciting and meaningful tabletop encounters.
Campaigns of Ozz has been developed by the experienced board game development team of Peter Schutze and Bill Molyneaux from Fastplay Wargames. It was designed to be both a standalone board wargame and a fully compatible strategic level scenario generator for miniature focussed players. All seven historical wars from the Wars of Ozz rulebook lore are detailed as separate campaigns.

The board game is easy to learn and is highly suitable for both solitaire play and play with 2-4 players, with typical games lasting from 2-4 hours. Each Campaigns of Ozz board game includes:
• 280 full color, 1" square die cut counters
• 34"x22" campaign map
• 24 page rulebook
• Player reference chart
• Battleboard map

Wars of Ozz, Wave 2 introduces three completely new playable factions The Land of Harvest, Impkins and The Gnomes. All of the miniatures for these three new armies are sculpted now and are available as part of the Kickstarter campaign.
The Land of Harvest:
After being given life by Glenda the Sorceress, King Jack sets about creating an army to defend the Land of Harvest. The greater and lesser Pumpkin heads are joined by Pumpkin Cavalry and Pumpkin throwing catapult artillery together with animated scarecrows, corn and mushroom men, the outlandish Hammerheads and flock of crows and eagles.
Somewhere to the west of Munchkinland are the hidden cave entrances to another realm, the underground empire of the Gnome King and his Gnomens. Virtually nothing is known of these secretive beings as they almost never ventured to the surface until that fateful day when a Gilikin force, attempting to mine under a Munchkin fortress stumbled into a Gnomish cave complex. The enraged King Ruggedo called together Gnomish forces from far and wide to attack surface dwellers who had violated his realm.
Impkins were created by the powerful sorceress Mother Ophelia as playthings for King Kittcut and Queen Garee. This explains their diminutive stature – even smaller than Munchkins – and doll-like appearance. For many years the Impkins lived in peace and prosperity on the island of Pingaree until a shipwrecked sailor from one of Admiral Jinjurs pirate fleet alerted them of a land beyond there island. King Kitticut, against Mother Opelias advice set off on an expeditionary adventure to visit the lands of Ozz, landing and doing battle with Evora and her Winkies. King Kittcut had had his first taste of battle, and he found it an exciting and enjoyable game, he cajoled Mother Ophelia to create more Impkins to fill his armies, who fought incessantly, not to capture lands and riches like the other nations of Ozz, but just to satisfy their perverted lust for battle.