I am very proud to announce the first NWG foray into narrative wargaming, in the spirit of the matrix style of game.

Warstory is a set of tools for narrative wargaming scenarios.

A narrative wargame flows more like a role playing game or storytelling game. Ideally suited to cooperative, solo and Game Mastered play, players use simple tools to declare actions, resolve them and build the ongoing storyline.

Send forward an RPG team to knock out a tank? Storm an enemy position? Carry out a combined arms attack? Deliver a stirring speech to a demoralized subordinate?

Simply determine the odds and roll for the consequences.

While written with a 20th century framework in mind, the rules could be adapted to most any period and any scale of warfare, from man to man skirmishing to battalion or brigade level warfare.

* * * * *

Warstory includes tools for resolving common actions, a simple and fast scenario and force generator, random event tables and more.

Please be advised that this is not a strict, extensive rules set, aimed at providing answers to every possible situation.

Warstory is heavily inspired by the "matrix game" approach to wargaming, where storytelling and creativity take the forefront.