About FatMan Productions

I have been playing miniatures war-games for a long time, about 20 years. And I just love doing it. Playing with friends, strategizing army lists to try and make my friends Friday night’s games miserable and brag all week long about it... I even enjoy the hobby part of these games, painting and converting miniatures, making scenery, you name it. Suffice to say that I just don’t play one particular game, and obviously have miniatures from a lot of manufacturers just because I liked them and wanted to paint them. That is what I like to do in my free time, playing and painting miniatures.

Three years ago, I quit my job, for professional reasons, and like all normal people was thinking what to do next, looking a for a new job and all that stuff we do when we change jobs. Then one day in the shower (the “thinking hard sanctuary”) it hit me: “Why not make my own miniature game?”. Then I spend the next days maturing the idea. What would I need? How to make it? How to pay it? Where to start? So I went to have a serious conversation with a dear friend of mine, Miguel Franco, and explained the idea to him because he has an economics degree and works with project management, so it made some sense to me that his advice would be great, since he is also a gaming enthusiast. After hearing all I had to say, Miguel took a while analyzing all the information and data I had given him and did what all good and true friends do. He looked at me and said: “Nelson you are crazy, out of your mind!”. Well, that was what a part of my brain was expecting him to say, but he didn't. The “boys will be boys” and “boys and their toys” part of our brains took control, and we decided it was a great idea to make our own company. A long, hard and bumpy road had just appeared in front of us, and we did not know it yet.

During these three years we contacted a lot of artists, sculptors, modellers, casters and molding tooling companies in order to plan and fulfil our dream of making our game. We tried hard to learn everything we could about this industry, while developing our first game named “Awakening: Recon” (we will talk about the game in a later article).

As far as the company goes, our first historical mark was on the 9th of June 2015, when me, Miguel Franco and Miguel Reis (another games and BD enthusiast) formally register in Portugal (that little corner of Europe we all were born and call home) FatMan Productions, a games company made of gamers to make products to gamers.

And why FatMan Productions you ask? Well, I'm a kind of a chubby fellow, always in a good mood and craving for the next good laugh. And trust me on this one, it is awesome to see the smile on people faces every time we have to refer the company name!