Bad Squiddo Games is exceedingly proud to present a brand new range as part of the 28mm Women of WW2 collection - Women of the Home Front. Dedicated to my late grandmother Jesse Norman, who served in the Women's Land Army.

We have six new packs to start, three Women's Land Army, two Women's Home Defence and a set of Field Medics.

This is a pre order that is available to collect at Crisis, Antwerp or delivery anywhere in the world at the start of November. There are a couple of pre order bundles as well to get you started on your home defence force.

Sculpted by the ever so talented and much adored Alan Marsh, with some beautiful paint jobs coming to you soon.

These fit with all popular WW2 ranges perfectly.
Available to pre order now.

"But when the war is over, and peace at last restored, I shall always remember the Land Girl, who made her hoe her sword",

Thanks for reading,

Annie Norman
Bad Squiddo Games