We've got another new range online next, with the start of a WWII Belgian range now available!  This little batch are all Vickers designs, including the Utility B tractor which was a licensed Belgian version of the Vickers Utility vehicle.  Next up is the the B1/B2 version of the T-13 tank destroyer with a 47mm AT gun.   And finally we've got the T-15 light tank, armed with a 13.2mm machine gun.

For infantry, we are planning to add some specific Belgian figures at some point in the future but it's likely to be 2019 or later before we fit those into the schedule.  In the meantime, our WWII French in Adrian helmets are a suitable proxy.

BEL1    Utility B tractor (2)
BEL2    T-13 tank destroyer (1)
BEL3    T-15 light tank (1)

And the pics:

BEL1 - Utility B tractor

BEL2 -T-13 tank destroyer

BEL3 - T-15 light tank

We'll have these with us at the upcoming WMMS show, as well as Salute of course, so pop by and have a look!  We've also got some more WWII and Modern releases coming in the next week.