Howdy, partners. I’d like to introduce to you our newest project here at Gods Eye Games, “A Gunslinger’s Paradise”. A Gunslinger’s Paradise will take players to a version of the Wild West that blends history and cinema together to create an immersive, detailed gaming experience filled with fun and excitement.

When I started writing A Gunslinger’s Paradise my goal was to create a rule set that allowed players enjoy the excitement that we all remember from our favorite western movies but at the same time keep things rooted in the history of the West. To do this I took each of the ten factions that will be in the book and created a wide array of characters, skills, weapons and equipment so players can tailor their lists for a historical or cinematic feel. Whether you want to recreate Custer’s Last Stand or sling lead like Josie Wales, A Gunslingers Paradise has you covered.

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