Adepticon Here We Come!

Badger Games is off to Adepticon. We love this show! When we first started going it was hundreds and it has grown and grown each year (4000+ last year). And, it has not just grown in numbers but in interests.

Adepticon is a Gamers convention. Tons of tournaments and lots of great conversions, brushwork and scratch-built terrain on display for a host of periods. This also makes it interesting as a vendor to prepare for (with such varied interests).

Badger Games has doubled the size of our booth for Adepticon this year. We will have a selection of all of the different World War II figures we carry including our own Regiment Games line. For the Sci-Fi buffs, we have RavenClaw’s Sci-Fi line as well as the ever-expanding Drantakh. SAGA fans let not your heart be troubled as we will have you covered with Dark Ages figures from a half dozen companies including the Adepticon exclusive release of our brand-new Dark Ages line from Pontoonier Miniatures (watch this space).

Badger is sponsoring a SAGA and a Bolt Action tournament at the CON!

It will take us all of today to set up the store that is our booth so we can be ready to serve your gaming needs tomorrow. Stop by the Badger booth to say hello and see the cornucopia (yes I said cornucopia) of products we will have ready for you to see in the lead!