Badger Games Headed to Gary Con 2019!

If you are a serious Role-Play gamer and have not yet made the pilgrimage to Lake Geneva, then you have an unchecked item on your bucket list. Lake Geneva is where it all began. It is the Gen in Gencon and the home of Gary Gygax. Gary Con is a now 11 year tribute to Gary.

Gary Con is a gamers convention. There are few locations better than the Victorian era Grand Geneva hostel. And, you will unlikely find a Con with a more solid group of veteran gamers nor have the chance to hobnob with legends in the gaming community!

Badger Games is again attending Gary Con. We will have the classic Otherworld D&D lines. We will have the complete re-release of the classic Grenadier Dungeon Lords from Mirliton in Italy. We will have some of the classic early Citadel sets recently re-released by Foundry as well as the single greatest modern take on merged fantasy role-play and wargaming…  Northstar’s Frostgrave.

This is only a portion of what we will have at our booth, so why not stop by and say hello and see what the Badger has for you!