Very excited to announce the availability of Chevauchee, a set of skirmish rules for medieval and early renaisance warband and campaign games.

Using a heavily modified FiveCore engine hacked together by the phenomenal Tom Mecredy, Chevauchee allows you to fight a quick pick-up battle or to generate a cast of characters and follow them on a linked campaign.

Will you find fame or die brutally on a muddy field?

Included in the system is a "tag" system allowing you to assemble pretty much any realistic or fantastic weapon of the period, detailed character skills and the "Fief" campaign, permitting you to run your own petty domain as a no doubt enlightened knight of virtue, honour and not that much mercenary thievery.

Suitable for any individually based figures with 6-12 being a good size.
Also well suited for pseudo-RPG scenarios.

Available HERE