Cold War Army Lists Released!


Seven Days TO The Rhine was a Warsaw Pact plan to smash NATO and bring peace and communism to the oppressed masses of Western Europe!! It is also the title of our first supplement covering the armies of the USSR, East Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia in the 1980s. There is a total of 48 company lists covering motor rifles, tanks, airborne, marines, border guards and workers' militia, with a wide range of equipment including T80s, BTR80s, MTLBs, BMDs, T34s and Grenztrabants! It includes details of Warsaw Pact aircraft, support options and sample forces.

Useable for many games of company to battalion level, it includes points values for Sabresquadron rules.

On sale as a PDF for £8 for the PDF, or with a copy of the rules at a discount.

For a quick preview, you can download the Contents page from the website.