In an ideal world I would be making plenty of money selling all the great 15mm heroic skirmish fantasy, but let's be honest, 28mm dominates that field, so for now I will try and promote 15mm fantasy skirmish as best as I can but until 15mm becomes THE preferred size I will not have enough cash to make all the models I want.

So what to do?
Sell other peoples 15mm models that fit into the setting of Crom's Anvil and Burning Sands I guess!

So with that in mind I have started to stock a few Xyston historicals that fit the Southern Oceans range and the Eastern Desert.

Xyston have very kindly said I can order any of the their 15mm that I don't stock as part of my orders.
So if you want to buy some Crom's Anvil goodies and top it up with some Xyston goodies all in the same order, drop me an e-mail.