As mentioned in Novembers' news, we have sold a fair chunk of the WW2 ranges to Harry - the owner of Seawulf ships and he has been busy re-ordering the ranges. We have new versions of the A10 Cruiser in both gun and CS forms and M3 Stuart (2), plus the new version of the Rolls Royce Armoured Car. We will also be releasing three new command/observation vehicles for the 21 Panzer (GFF) range too. Hopefully, his enthusiasm will wear off and I will get a more peaceful life again.

The new masters for the Kings African Rifles are now in and will be moulded this month, together with 4 new artillery pieces, including the 15 pounder. This one in particular was not only used in Africa, but also by the Canadians in 1915, but also by Territorial formations in 1914 1nd 1915.
'Yellow Ribbon' rules for the American West have also now been completed and are available to download.

Currently, we are working on the WW2 British A9 CS the Crusader CS and the M11/39 for the Italians. Due soon are the KAR for East Africa and some guns for the same theatre. Watch this space!

Keep your heads down and keep safe, and – go explore!!
Chas and Geoff