I'm very happy to announce a partnership with Cigar Box Battle Inc. makers of the wonderful "Battle Mats."

If you're not familiar with these guys, they produce (among other things) lovely detailed terrain cloths in various sizes and a number of different themes, from modern to rustic, to Sci-Fi. These mats come with a variety of terrain already printed, and several mats are geomorphic so that they match the edges of other mats.

This is a wonderful partnership for anyone who wants to play Blücher with the unit cards. You can set up a big battle in ten minutes, and carry everything you need to a game in your briefcase!

I've included some photos of the unit cards in action on one of the "European" Battle Mats. For more information about Battle Mats, go HERE

Some examples of the Blücher unit cards on a Cigar Box "Europe" battle mat: