New 28mm Late Medieval Characters

1st Corps/Kingmaker Miniatures

We have added some more character packs to our Late Medieval range.

KMC05 Condottiere captain and standard bearer £8.00

KMC07Charles de Albret, Constable of France. £4.00

KMC08 Henry V, King of England £4.00

Recently released

KMC06The Maid d’Orleans with banner £6.00

Other products in the range include

Infantry £8 for 8 figures, mounted £9 for 3 figures.



KM01 Men with Polearms I KM20 Mounted Knights Command barded
KM02 Men with Polearms II KM21 Mounted Knights barded horses I
KM03 Women with Polearms I KM22 Mounted Knights barded horses II
KM04 Women with Polearms II KM23 Mounted Knights unbarded horses I
KM05 Hand Gunners I KM24 Mounted Knights unbarded II
KM06 Hand Gunners II KM25 Mtd Knights, arm raised barded III
KM07 Crossbowmen I KM26 Mtd Knights, arm raised barded IV
KM08 Crossbowmen II KM27 Mtd Kn, arm raised unbarded III
KM09 Hussite Command I KM28 Mtd Kn, arm raised unbarded IV
KM10 Men with Polearms III KM30 Mounted crossbowmen I
KM11 Men with Polearms IV KM32 Dismounted Knights, handweapons
KM12 Hand Gunners III KM33 Dismounted Knights with polearms
KM13 Hand Gunners IV KM34 Mounted Knights Cmnd II unbarded
KM14 Crossbowmen III KM35 Mounted Knights Cmnd II barded
KM15 Crossbowmen IV KM36 Heavy Cavalry Command II
KM16 Command II KM36 Mounted archers
KM17 Heavy Cavalry Command I KM37 Longbowmen I
KM18 Heavy Cavalry KM38 Longbowmen II
KM19 Mounted Knights Cmnd unbarded



Next show.

Triples, Sheffield,16th/17th May