Compass games. 2  board wargames in 1 box  2 players  medium complexity Good  solo  suitability. Alexandros: Conquest & Empire

PLUS   I Am Spartacus: The Slave Rebellion Against Rome, 73-71 BC   . £71.50

RIFLEMEN OF WELLINGTON'S LIGHT DIVISION IN THE PENINSULA WAR: Unpublished or Rare Accounts from the 95th Rifles 1808-14

Glover. 250p. mint hardback  illus.   Memoires  written by members of the 95th which have never been published before or have not been brought to the attention of the present-day public, that were written at the time £22.50¬

German Liberation War of 1813 : Memoirs of a Russian Artilleryman

Ilya Timofeyevich Radozhitskii. mint hbk 224p. illus.  The author, Ilya Timofeyevich Radozhitskii, served with distinction during the wars against Napoleon and wrote down his experiences shortly after the war based on the notes that he kept while campaigning. £19.99

SS PANZER BATTALION 501: Tigers in the Ardennes/Christian Wenkin. 184p. mint hbk.  Tiger tank battalion N501 (schwere SS-Panzer Abteilung 501) in the Battle of the Bulge with a summary of their actions, unit history, and a tank-by-tank analysis of the causes of destruction. In total, the authors found 16 different examples, and the machines lost one by one in the Ardennes make it possible to follow the unit's course throughout the conflict. £19.50

SILVER BAYONET : Canada Pre order -latest supplement. Ash Barker. Explore a wild new frontier with solo, cooperative, and competitive scenarios and new soldiers, creatures, and equipment rooted in the history and folklore of Canada. £11.50


Jonathan Davies. 366p 84 b/w illustrations & photos, 8 colour plates, 11 tables. This volume completes the study of the Tudor Art of War and is in effect a handbook for the Elizabethan army, which explains its leadership, organisation, tactics and training and recruitment. It also describes how soldiers were paid, clothed, equipped and provided for – or as was too often the case, not provided for. £25

Studies From The Franco-Prussian War 1) THE MITRAILLEUSE

Shann, S. The book traces the development of the weapon before moving on to examine its technical characteristics and its tactical use on the battlefield. It will I hope, convince people that it was not a largely useless curiosity, but an imaginative and, for the time, remarkably well engineered piece of military technology. It had its shortcomings to be sure, but is deserving of a long-overdue reappraisal. £18.00

SOLDIERS AND CIVILIANS : TRANSPORT AND PROVISIONS Early modern military logistics and supply systems during the British Civil Wars, 1638-1653/ Price, Glen Hardback. : 260p, illus Apart from the obvious, this includes, but is not limited to, countering the simple narrative that Royalist armies were terribly supplied in comparison to Parliament, placing the Royalists' Gloucester campaign in its correct strategic context, highlighting Catholic recruitment to Cromwell's forces in Ireland, and providing a reasonable and informed explanation for Prince Rupert's decision to fight at Marston Moor all through the lens of logistics and supply £26.50

H31120 SILVER BAYONET BUNDLE : RULES PLUS  CARPATHIANS  supplement  / - for those catching up with this great game £34.50

H31125 STRATEGY & TACTICS  340 French and Indian War Battles.  / - grand tactical 2 player game £39.95

H31126 ROYALISTS & ROUNDHEADS III : Worcester; Dunbar; Preston; Tippermuir  / - Hex  board wargame  medium complexity  Very High  solo. Unplayed unpunched  3W  game £59.50

Clear out games  figures & books.

54684 FROM PADUA TO THE FIELD OF EDGEHILL: Outline career of Robert Bertie, Earl of Lindsey  / - 22p.  pamphlet £5.00

54685 EMPEROR OF THE STEPPES  / - 3-6 player  wargame 300BC-1300AD large maps, 6 sheets of  small counters etc.  Very basic  quick game   £13.50

54686 KUTUSOV's HEROES- FLAMES OF WAR BOX SET  / - Mint.   4 x T-34  4 x T-70 plus  2  Katyusha £42.50

54687 Second Anglo-Boer War (Wargaming in History)  / Herbert near new pbk 90p. illus £7.50

54688 ARMY LISTS VOLUME 2: Far East Asia 7 America  / - WRG Ancient  7th edition army lists.  Excellent condition £15.00

54689 NAPOLEONIC UNIVERSAL RULES SUPPLEMENT 2) Foraging, Insurrection, Marauders, Bakeries, Supply convoys, & Encampments  / - large format pbk.  VGC  v well ill in colour. Actually useful for C18th and later C19th as well. Rules for all sorts of stuff that you can bolt onto your favourite set £11.50

54690 PLAYABLE NAPOLEONIC WARGAMES  / Edwards Large format old School rules. inc coliur. Does what it says on the tin We are down to the last box of this item . Having once been on the bottom of the pile they may be slightly knocked or have very minor damp curling. £9.50

54691 Napoleon's Imperial Guard Uniforms and Equipment: The Infantry:  / Dawson 480p. new hardback. very  well ill £24.50

54692 War Transformed: WWI on the Doggerland Front: A Wargame  / - New but  got slightly damp  Perfectly good to read just slightly crinkled £13.99

54693 LA HAYE SAINT- WARLORD GAMES  / - Complete  MDF  building BUT NO FIGURES. Heavy so will count as  3  2nd hand book for postage £99.50

54694 NAPOLEONIC WARGAMING  / Grant, Charles 160p. well illus  near new  original edition  hardback £15.00

54695 CAMPAIGNS OF THE KING IN 1744 & 1745. ACCOUNTS OF THE BATTLES OF FONTENOY, BASSIGNANA, HOHENFREIDBERG, SOOR & VARIOUS OTHER ACTIONS  / Rousseau 90p large format  ring bound  inc  maps. Excellent condition £18.95

54696 An Irishman in the Iron Brigade: Civil War Memoirs of James P.Sullivan, Sergt., 6th Wisconsin Volunteers  / - 200p. like new hardback  illus £17.50

54697 LAW OF THE GUN : Old West Skirmish rules  / Chris Peers large  format pbk rules  from the master rule maker £15.00

54698 NAVAL WAR OF 1812   - 2 volumes set  / Roosevelt 250p.  Large format pbk reprint. maps  £20.00

54699 WAR GAME RULES :  WRG  5th EDITION  / - Excellent condition with  QRF £12.50

54700 Alphonse de Neuville: Lépopée de la défaite  / - 80p.  VGC hardback v well illus  inc colour  paintings  of the Franco-Prussian war FRENCH TEXT £45.00

54701 Napoleon Et Ses Soldats de Wagram A Waterloo  / - 120p. like new  Brief captions in French  hardback hundreds of illustrations- inc colour, from the French army museum. Maps, uniforms, paintings etc £30.00

54702 Whipping Bobby Lee  / - A game system for the ACW - large format pbk. Wargames rules- inc  all  command  cardsetc £20.00

54703 History Of The Russian Fleet During The Reign Of Peter The Great Publications Of The Navy Records Society Vol. XV. A Contemporary Englishman (1724) Edited By Vice-Admiral Cyprian A.G. Bridge (ED)  / Edited By Vice-Admiral Cyprian A.G. Bridge  rebound library hardback. excellent condition £50.00

54704 BRASSEY's  - ROMAN ARMY : WARS OF THE EMPIRE (Brassey's History of Uniforms)  / Summer, Graham large format near new  well illus in colour Hardback £24.50

54705 Royal Passion: The Turbulent Marriage of Charles I and Henrietta Maria   / Dr Katie Whitaker  near new hardback 370p. illus £8.50

54706 Rolling Thunder in a Gentle Land: The Vietnam War Revisited   / West, (ed) 320p. ilus  like new pbk.  From Indo-China to the US  withdrawal £7.50

54707 FRENCH INFANTRY REGIMENTS 1740-1762  / Pengel & Hur large format v well illus £12.00

54708 MINIATURE WARGAMES MAGAZINE - Volume  1-14  in binder  / - Binder is not an official one . Heavy so will count as 4  books  for  postage £49.50

54709 STUDY OF THE STRATEGY and tactics of the Russo-Japanese war, 1904: Up to 24th August : illustrating the principles of war and the field service regulations  / Kearsey original 1905  edition. 160p. pull out maps £20.00

54710 FLAGS OF THE ENGLISH CIVIL WARS 1)  ENGLISH COLOURS OF FOOT  / Ede-Borrett 70p. illus  E/C  pbk £8.50

54712 BALKAN LEAGUE: A Matrix Game campaign including the Portable Balkan Wars Wargame rules  / Cordery 65p. large format  pbk.  illustrated £11.50

54713 NAPOLEONIC SCENARIOS 5 : Wellington's Peninsula Victories  / Brown, D 11 scenarios. large format  all colour pbk. New, slight damage to cover £14.50

54714 Richard Kane, Governor of Minorca  / SLoss 340p. near new pbk.  Military campaigns & life of Marlburian era and  influential British general . Inc  a reprint of his Military Manual £21.50

54715 Rifleman: Elite Soldiers of the Wars Against Napoleon   / Elliott-wright large format  v well illus  hardback 136p £5.00

54716 Road to Destruction: Operation Blue and the Battle of Stalingrad: a Photographic History  / Baxter 130p. near new hardback. very  large format £6.50

54717 RICHARD  III  / Hicks 210p. ilus  VGC  pbk.  BIog by the  RIII expert £4.50

54718 Regimental History of Cromwell's Army:  2 Volume set  / Firth, CH Near new  Oxford university press reprint.   counts as 2 books for postage £95.00

54719 Refounding of the German Empire, 1848-71  / Malleson original 1893  hardback  printing of this classic military study  of the Franco-Prussian war £16.50

54720 ROUGH RIDERS  / Roosevelt, Theodore 220p. VG  pbk. His own account £4.50

54721 Relation of the Operations and Battles of the Austrian and French Armies, in the Year 1809: With Three Plans   / Muller VGC pbk  Trotman quality  facsimile reprint £9.50

54722 RIDE WITH THE MOONLIGHT: THE MOSSTROOPERS ON THE BORDER  / Robon 52p.  scarce pamphlet  account of Mosstrooper activity , mainly 1640s £9.50

54723 CRUSADES  / Vallejo 120p Excellent condition  large  format pbk.  Super colour illustrations throughout plus photo of  aeroart model figures £30.00

54724 RECOLLECTIONS OF COLONEL DE GONNEVILLE  / DE GONNEVILLE Paperback.  634 p 2 volume set. Slight storage wear and little creases to both covers in corner. Internally mint condition. £22.50

54725 WARLORD:  GERMAN  BLITZKRIEG INFANTRY  / - New in battered  box., Contents perfect £16.50

54727 IMPARTIAL JOURNAL OF A DETACHMENT FROM THE BRIGADE OF FOOT GUARDS, COMMENCING 25TH FEBRUARY, 1793, AND ENDING 9TH MAY 1795  / Brown, Robert P.back.217 pages. Facsimile printing of original book. Very good condition slight shelf wear. £21.50

54728 COMMONWEALTH WAR GRAVES COMMISSION PACK  / - pamphlets: History of the commission;  1914:  1915;  1916, the Somme; The Ypres Salient;   1917 Arras;  Chinese labour force £6.50

54729 CARLIST WARS:  TROPAS  CARLISTAS  1833-1840  / -  Bueno. Large format pbk Reprint. 40pages. all colour illus Spanish text £14.50

54730 PUTIN TAKES THE CRIMEA 2014  / - Opsrey RAID  new but damage to cover £7.50

54731 ZOMBIE VIXENS  / - 10 figures  on a plastic  sprue. Wargames  factory/ Project Z £1.50

54732 LAWRENCE OF ARABIA:  3W  games  / - hex board wargame. medium complexity  Very High solo suitability.   New. unpunched.  £42.95

54733 Edouard Detaille L'heroisme D'un Siecle  / - 100p.  VCG  hardback  v well illustrated in colour.  FRENCH TEXT Survey of the works of this famous French military artist. Largely  Napoleonic & C19th £16.50