Things have been very busy at the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast over the past couple of months – we've published half a dozen shows, some of which you may have missed. If you did, here is a quick recap for you to download

Episode #147 – UK Games Expo 2015

In this show host Neil Shuck visits the UK Games Expo in Birmingham and interviews several of the exhibitors

Episode #148 –Planetfall Review

We review Planetfall, the sci-fi mass combat games from Spartan Games

Episode #149- Radio Dish-Dash interview

We chat to Colin Philips of Radio Dish Dash about Skirmish Sangin, and his upcoming releases Maalinti Rangers and Outbreak

Episode #150 – Live Q&A

To celebrate the 150th show, the current presenters join together for a live show, and answer questions from the listeners

Episode #151 – Halo Fleet Battles

As Halo Fleet Battles is released, we talk to Neil Fawcett & Derek Sinclair of Spartan Games all about this new game.

Episode #152 – The Great War

Hosts Neil Shuck & Dave Luff review the new World War I board game from designer Richard Borg and PSC Games


We hope you enjoy the shows

Meeples and Miniatures