It’s back to the new releases again, today with a pair of 15mm military ambulances. Both are designed to also be dual purpose and usable as command or utility vehicles as well.

The PacFed Sharkey ambulance is a wide-bodied grav vehicle. The main hull flares out either side into a pair of sponsons each with racks for two stretcher cases, and the roomy hull leaves plenty of space for the medical crew to work. A Sharkey is large enough to act as an emergency field operating theatre with a compact robotic surgeon to back up any human counterpart.

The same hull, when fitted with a full command and electronic warfare suite, is known as the Rangatira command vehicle. These are used up to company level – at battalion level and beyond the larger Bennelongs are used.

The Sharkey/Rangatira has a single-piece resin hull with a metal crew hatch. The hull has a 7mm turret ring which is covered by a blanking plate on the Sharkey or mounts a radar in the Rangatira. It will also accept a small gun or missile turret, or you could even mount a small crane to make an engineering vehicle.

The EuroFed Legion Etranger utilise the Catroux 10-wheeled hull for most purposes, including command and ambulance variants. Like the PacFed equivalent, the same hull can be a command vehicle or ambulance by swapping over the blanking plate or radar.

SF15-408b – Catroux Command Vehicle – £8.00
SF15-408g – Catroux Ambulance – £8.00
SF15-715 – Sharkey Ambulance – £7.50
SF15-715a – Rangatira Command Vehicle – £7.50

All of these (command versions as well as ambulances) are part of our Surgeon General charity fund-raising range. 50% of the ex-VAT price of these models will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.