Caesars Gallic Wars - Hail Caesar - Warlord Games

includes a detailed history of the campaign, featuring 44 scenarios, and army lists for Caesar’s Roman Legions and the Helvetii, Belgae, Gaul, Germani and Briton tribes they fought. £21.50


Supplement to the  HB rules.  Very useful for any  set. 240 loose leaf pages. Covers Union & Confederate Armies' infantry, cavalry and artillery units. Lists of Federal, Confederate, State, and Irregular Regiments, and Cannons and Rifles used during the war. In all, there are over 2,500 Union and 1,900 Confederate Regiments, 2,500 Union and 780 Confederate General Listings, 40 Union and 20 Confederate Rifles, 180 Union and 230 Confederate Cannons, and 230 Union and 80 Confederate Ship classes listed in this book. Each regiment has its listed stats from the start of the war.  Also included in the book are Notes and Special Rules that apply specifically to the War. Notes covering Stands in the Army Tables, Flying Artillery, and Legion Units and Special Rules covering Legion Units, Weapons Smoke, Grenades, Land Mines, and Observation Balloons. £35.00

BANDERA's BOYS: Twelve Historic Scenarios and Background Material About the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) During and After WWII 146p. illus  pbk.  For BOLT ACTION  level games. Little known outside of Central Europe, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) mounted one of the largest and longest lasting armed resistance against the totalitarian forces that occupied their homeland. This handbook focuses on the struggle against Nazi and Soviet occupations in the UPA's campaign for Ukrainian independence. £36.50

GREAT BRITAIN AND THE DEFENCE OF THE LOW COUNTRIES 1744-1748 Armies, Politics and Diplomacy/Massie, 268p,   9 b/w illustrations, 7 maps (hardback available). This is an important study of Britain and the War of the Austrian Succession that does away with the tendency of a past historiography to compartmentalise the subject into distinct military, political and diplomatic silos. £22.50

With Hot Lead and Cold Steel: American Civil War Wargaming Rules:/Arthur van der Ster. Hot Lead and Cold Steel is a large-scale, mass-battle wargame for recreating the American Civil War. Designed to handle brigade and divisional level engagements while providing a balance between ease of play and period detail, With Hot Lead and Cold Steel is ideal for new gamers and wargaming veterans alike. It contains everything players need to raise armies and craft scenarios, whether based upon historical campaigns and orders of battle or those of their own devising. £10.50 - PRE PUBLICATION PRICE Shipping this week

GERMAN MOUNTAIN TROOPS IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR : History, Uniforms and Equipment from 1914 to 1918Dr. Alexander Jordan. Very large format  hardback.  540 pages, 1000 colour photographs, contemporary B&W photographs, tables and illustrations, hard cover bound with dust cover, large format £99.95

Victrix  Late Roman Unarmoured Cavalry VXDA13: 12 x Late Roman Light Cavalry Figures in 28mm scale. That consisting of 6 Sprues (3 rider sprues and 3 horse sprues) = 12 riders and 12 horses. • 3 Shield types, small round, large oval and medium sized oval. Enough to equip each figure in the set the same. • 39 Heads  Vexilum and Draco standard bearer options, plus musician arm options. £27.50 POST FREE WORLDWIDE

MINIATURE WARGAMES 487 includes  an adventure for our  TALES OF DERRING  DO   multi-period  PULP  ACTION rules plus SHARP PRACTICE scenario. Prospero’s Secret: pulp adventure in Venice; Napoleonic double; gaming tips; horse painting + airships. Hereward show + news & reviews £5.99

Operation Pedestal 1942 The Battle for Malta’s Lifeline/

Konstam, Angus. Osprey CAMPAIGN 394 Shipping now.£13.99

H31094 Don Troiani's Campaign to Saratoga - 1777: The Turning Point of the Revolutionary War in Paintings, Artifacts, and Historical Narrative  / Troiani & SChnitzer 320p.  large format  hardback  all colour illustrations, so no surprise there! £39.50

H31095 LIBERTY:  Don Troiani's Paintings of the Revolutionary War  / Troiani, Don 125p. large format hardback £27.50

H31096 18 PLATOON  / Jary,  S 140p Mint hbk. Exceptional memoirs of a platoon commander in the Normandy Somerset light infantry,  a major item on the reading list for Sandhurst £35.00

H31104 MILITARY HISTORY & ATLAS OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS 1796-1815 (Les guerres Napoleoniennes)  / Elting, John & Esposito, V 1 only Very Very large format. 450p 2 volumes in slipcase. NEW  but slight discoloration to part of front of slip case FRENCH TEXT. Translation of their military atlas- but the similarity stops there. 120+ colours illustrations of troops; 183 full colour campaign & Battle maps.. MINT HARDBACK. Fabulous book. LIMITED EDITION A FEW COPIES ONLY AT £175.00

H31105 UNIFORMES ALBUM 9) issues 67-72  / - Bound copies of this  amazing and influential  French Language magazine, other volumes available)... Almost new slight damage to  spine Hardback.  last 2  mags  a bit loose.  v well illus in colour. Largely C18th - C19th uniforms and weapons .  £49.50

H31106 Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1975-90: The ultimate generation of Cold War heavy armor  / - Osprey NVG 323 Shipping now £12.50

H31107 US Navy Gun Destroyers 1945-88 Fletcher class to Forrest Sherman class  / - Osprey NVG   322  Shipping now £12.50

H31108 Sunderland vs U-boat Bay of Biscay 1943-44  / - Osprey Duel 130 shipping now £13.99

H31109 Anglo-Saxon Kings and Warlords AD 400-1070  / - Osprey ELITE   Shipping now £13.99

H31110 Operation Pedestal 1942 The Battle for Malta's Lifeline  / Konstam, Angus Osprey CAMPAIGN 394 Shipping now A fascinating story of a key turning point in the War in the Mediterranean, as the island of Malta was thrown a vital lifeline. £13.99

H31111 Japanese Infantryman vs US Marine Rifleman Tarawa, Roi-Namur, and Eniwetok, 1943-44  / - Osprey Combat 75  Shipping now £12.99

We have as always some second hand and shop soiled Books and Rules

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54644 STUART TRACTS 1603- 1695  / - 510p. near mint  hardback  facsimile. Some interesting military  pamphlets among the collection including  Fairfaxs  memoirs of the war in the North plus the New Model £12.50

54645 Ancient and Medieval Wargaming   / Thomas, N 280p. VGC pbk. v well illus.  super  set of rules. £15.00

54646 Beyond the Green Fields: The Final Memories of Some of the First Men of the Tank Corps  / - 104p. near new. v weell illus.  signed by author £4.50

54647 WWII BATTLEZONES :  33 scenarios for  WII wargames  / Bevis, Mark near new. best foer  6-12mm or large 15mm armies £7.50

54648 Operation Warboard Wargaming World War II Battles in 20-28mm Scale  / Gavin and Bernard Lyall 150p. illus near new pbk reprint edition £9.50

54649 Solo Wargaming Guide  / Silvester near new 120p pbk. Battles & Campaigns £10.00

54650 MUSKET BALL AND SMALL SHOT IDENTIFCATION  / - near mint Large format pbk 190p. Incredibly well illus. Highly detailed Study of musket ball finds and metallurgy, largely C18th British & US, though some ECW (Inc the famous mid air collision at Basing). Fascinating study £19.95

54651 WARGAMERS' ANNUAL 2013  / Grant Charles 106p. near new pbk.  all colour photos Wargames scenarios etc (In General section) £10.00

54652 WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN BOYS? : Scenario book  for  US forces on DDAY  / - 100p. near new  printed and bound supplement for I AIN'T BEEN SHOT MUM but useful for any  WWII skirmish rules £14.50

54653 TEAM YANKEE : WEST GERMAN BOOK & UNIT CARD BUNDLE  / - near new  hardback book & cards £19.50

54654 BELLON HANDBOOKS   3 titles  / - 30p. each  well illus.  near new pbks- 1968!!  Self propelled German weapons parts 1 + 2 :  semi tracked German vehicles  Part 1 £12.50

54655 MILITARY MODELLING ANNUAL 1983  / - large format  pbk. Includes articles by  CS Grant and  Phil Barker and colour  from  Scollins  & Barthorp & Marrion £11.50

54656 Don Troiani's Civil War Militia & Volunteers  / - 60p. large format near new well ilus in colour £17.50

54657 BEYOND THE GATES OF ANTARES:  ALGORYN  AI SQUAD  / - 5 figure  box set in shrink wrap (in General section) £9.50

54658 CROOKED DICE  : Tweedy & May  / - 2  Dr Who  figures  (Matt Smith is Tweedy) £3.00

54659 RAILWAYS AT WAR BEFORE 1918  / Bishop BLandford press 160p. well illus in colour Largely  WWI but some colonial & ACW £5.00

54660 WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED  300th issue  Mega version of the mag  / - 300p. large  format good condition £8.00

54661 Wargaming on a Budget: Gaming Constrained by Money or Space  / Dickie 160p. near new illus £3.50

54662  Battles with Model Tanks: Wargaming 1914-1975  / Donald Featherstone and Keith Robinson 160p. near  new pbk (in 20th General section) £8.50

54663 First Victory: O'Connor's Desert Triumph, Dec.1940-Feb.1941  / Forty, George 190p. l.arge format  V  well illus. HBK near  new £15.00

54664 20mm  MDF RUINED STONE WALLS- Painted   / - 4 ground. 34cm  of  walls   (we have a  a few) £3.00

54665 ANCIENT HISTORICAL BATTLES  (1479BC-636AD ) - 2 volume set  / Sides Sides.   Near new 90p - 82  scenarios based on actual battles  Orbats and maps for wargamers. Mainly DBA/M but useful for others. £13.50

54666 TEAM YANKEE Bundle  :  NORDIC FORCES +  NATO FORCES  / - 2 new hardback s SLIGHT   damage to covers £21.50

54667 CIVILISATION:  GIBSON  GAMES UK EDITION  / - Board game.  Played but like  new.   A modern classic  game £13.50

54668 Military Engineering During the Great Civil War, 1642-49  / Ross 140p. quality facsimile  reprint Includes  some  interesting contemporary accounts £22.50


54670 NAPOLEON's CAMPAIGNS IN ITALY 1796-97 & 1800  / Burton lt col large format  near new pbk. illus with maps £9.50

54671 BEYOND THE GATES OF ANTARES:  THE DICE GAME  / - Mint in box.  2-5 players 10-20 minutes  per  game £0.00

54672 Cavalier soldier's Vade-mecum  / - 1900 hardback gold tooled  edition.  30p of notes, illus  etc. plus  quality facsimile of CERTAIN PRAYERS...FOR HIS MAJESTIES ARMY  1648... Psalms  and prayers to be said  before  marching and battle. Scarce  edition.  £30.00

54673 Rifles at Waterloo  / Caldwell 50p. large format v well illus pbk.  near new £6.50

54674 White Ensign, , Vol. III in Harpoon game series,  Royal & Commonwealth navies  1960-1998  / - VGC pbk. Clash of Arms Games £25.00

54675 COMPANY COMMANDER- Company & Squadron level skirmish rules 1765-1850  / -  glossy full colour set of large format rules. Easily usable for skirmishes, raids, escorts, etc.   SPECIAL OFFER.  A  few very Slightly  damp  crinkled. not effecting text  etc £6.50

54676 ARMIES AND UNIFORMS OF MARLBOROUGH'S WARS 2) Smaller States  / Grant, CS colour uniform plates  New  but marks to cover and  bottom edge £12.50

54677 ACOLYTE HYBRIDS_  GAMES WORKSHOP  / - MInt in box (in General  section of 2nd  list) £19.95

54678 GALE FORCE NINE : BB218  LARGE  PALM TREES   / - New in white box £19.50

54679 NAPOLEON AND THE WORLD WAR OF 1813: LESSONS IN COALITION WARFIGHTING  / - ex library but near new hardback £12.50

54680 NAPOLEON'S FAITHFUL VICEROY : Eugene de Beauharnais and his Italian army 1805 - 1814  / Toorenvliet, Henk  236p. E/C HBK. W well illus in colour. A military biography and study of the Organisation and uniforms of this, the first Italian Army £26.50

54681 Defeat in Detail: The Ottoman Army in the Balkans, 1912-1913  / erickson 380p.  near new Hardback but lacks jacket (In  WWI section) £25.00

54682 EMPIRE OF THE DEAD: Steampunk horror skirmish rules  / - 150p. near new all colour hardback £9.56