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SINGE STORY BUILDING - Dead Mans Hand-28mm scale plastic building kit including Boardwalks.  Fully interchangeable parts with other Dead Man's Hand plastic building kits. Fully detailed inside and out with working doors! £22.50

Great Escape Games TWO STORY BUILDING - Dead Mans Hand

inc. Boardwalks. Fully interchangeable parts with other Dead Man's Hand plastic building kits.  £32.50

WATERLOO 1969 BUNDLE: PHOTO JOURNAL plus WATERLOO: THE MAKING OF AN EPIC-Heffer & Lewis. With the photo journal supplying  Photos and anecdotes from behind  the scenes and The Making of an Epic provides an exhaustive account detailing almost every aspect of the immense production, which ranged from Rome to the vast battlefield set in Ukraine. £54.50

Wargames Atlantic - Citizens of Rome 28mm Plastic Figures

WAAMR001. With this set of 30 hard-plastic miniatures, you can create a variety of options for your Gangs of Rome games. Assemble Gang Fighters, each with a unique set of weapons, and civilian members of Rome's mob with walking sticks and amphora. £27.50

Waterloo Casualties/Dawson, P -288p. ill us  mint hardback.  Recommended Examines death certificates issued for French officers and men on the day of the battle to suggest it was not the bloodbath it is often thought . Plus  look  at  eyewitness accounts of  Prussian actions on the day. £29.95

H31430 Street Scatter - Dead Mans Hand   / great escape games  28mm scale. 2 x hard plastic Street Scatter sprues.  Wild  West  scenery £9.00

H31431 Broadwalk  - Dead Man's Hand  / great escape games  28mm scale Two hard plastic frames of boardwalks. Wild  West  scenery £9.00

H31435 Uniforms of Russian army during the Napoleonic war vol.6: Guards 2 1796-1801  / Viskavatov 80p. 40+ largely  colour illus. English text near new £17.50

H31437 ARMY REGULATIONS INDIA 1901 VOL  XI . CLOTHING 1904,1909, 1914  / Government of India Like new large format cloth bound  hardback facsimile.  200p. Exceptional detailed . deals with issue of  clothing; chevrons, badges , hill stations,  personal and regimental equipment etc £75.00

H31438 ARMY REGULATIONS INDIA 1901 VOL  VII . DRESS  / Government of India Like new large format cloth bound  hardback facsimile.  200p. Exceptional detailed  regulation for  uniform and equipment £65.00

H31439 BRITISH UNIFORM PATTERN BOOK 1886  / - Catalogue  of military outfitters  W Jones.  200p  cloth bound facsimile. It includes several colour uniform plates plus  many line drawings of uniform  tunics  and   lacings £75.00

55525 FEAR GOD & DREAD NOUGHT Tactical Naval combat 1900-1924  / Bond, Larry Unpunched  box set.  near new box . Clash of Arms £75.00

55526 Saragarhi: The Forgotten Battle  / SIngh-sohal, J 120p.ill us  like new pbk. Last stand of  21 SIkhs on the North West Frontier £13.95


55528 MUTINA  43  BC:   / Fields, Noic Osprey CAMPAIGN  329  Like new £8.50

55529 NASHVILLE 1864  / Lardas Osprey CAMPAIGN 314  like new £8.50

55530 SMOLENSK 1943  / Lardas Osprey CAMPAIGN 331 like new £8.50

55531 BRITANNIA AD 43: The Claudian Invasion  / Lardas Osprey CAMPAIGN 353 like new £8.50

55532 Guilford Courthouse 1781 : Battleground America  / Hairr 150p. near  new pbk. Battlefield  guide £3.95

55533 Revolutionary Soldier 1775-1783 (Illustrated Living History S.)  / Wilbur 96p  large format  v well illus with line drawings £7.50

55534 INDIAN CAVALRYMAN  / Guest, Capt  F 216p. ,VGC hbk in tatty jacket.  Saw service on the  North-West Frontier  just before  WWII £15.00

55535 Uniforms of Russian army during the Napoleonic war vol.3: The cavalry: Volume 8 (Soldiers, Weapons & Uniforms NAP)  / Viskavatov 80p. 40+ largely  colour illus. English text near new £17.50

55536 Uniforms of Russian army during the Napoleonic war vol.6: Guards 2 1796-1801  / Viskavatov 80p. 40+ largely  colour illus. English text near new £17.50

55537 LUNDY's LANE 1814; 2  pamphlets  / - reprint of Cpt Cruikshank’s  classic  and detailed  account plus  museum and battlefield guide £9.50

55538 Armies of the Early American Wars, 1753-1815  / Katcher 150p. VGC  hardback v well illus in colour £8.50

55539 Gardner of Gardner's Horse, 2nd Lancers, Indian Army  / Saroop 180p.  Good condition Indian  publication.  £45.00

55540 BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG: An eyewitness account  / Haskell, Colonel 140p. like new  £4.50

55541 BATTLE FOR THE FALKLANDS 1) LAND FORCES  / - Osprey  SPECIAL  VGC pbk. well illlus in colour £3.50

55543 Light Bob - The experiences of a young officer in H.M. 28th and 36th regiments of the British Infantry during the peninsular campaign of the Napoleonic wars 1804 - 1814  / - 398p. VGC pbk £4.50

55544 UNIFORMES DE LA GUERRA DEL PACIFICO 1879-1884  / P.Greve Moller & C. Fernandez Cerda  -  Spanish text -300p.  Extremely  well illus in colour POD  paperback.   Excellent condition £30.00

55545 BATTLEGROUP CENTAG army lists  / - New,. slight campaign damage £19.99

55546 ELEPHANT IN THE GREEK & ROMAN WORLD  / Scullard 290p. near new hardback. illus. £50.00

55547 Napoleon's Spring Campaign 1813, Lützen and Bautzen: A Wargamers Guide:  / Helion books New but slight campaign wear large format v well illus. £15.00

55548 Great Britain and the Defence of the Low Countries, 1744-1748: Armies, Politics and Diplomacy:   / Massie, A 260p. like new. illus £15.00

55549 1757: Reichenberg & Malleschitz- The Journal of Horace St. Paul  10th APril- 6th May  / St Paul & Cogswell, N 185p maps  near new pbk  £14.00

55550 Battle of the Dnepr: The Red Army's Forcing of the East Wall, September-December 1943  / Soviet General staff 330p.  like ne w pbk.  detail on formations, numbers  etc £17.50

55551 MODERN PIG-STICKING  / Wardop, Maj 1914  printing Good condition hardback. All you wanted to know  about pig sticking in India £48.00

55552 1757: From the Elbe to the Oder The Journal of Horace St. Paul  10th APril- 6th May  / St Paul & Cogswell, N 182p. new  new  pbk £15.00

55553 I Mezzi Blindo-Corazzati Italiani 1923-1943. Dal Reparto Carri Armati Al Corpo D'armata Corazzato  / - 140p. large  format  near new  pbk.  V well illus inc  colour camouflage schemes.  ITALIAN TEXT ! £45.00

55554 Warfare and Fortifications in the Borders  / Dent, J 92p. VGC pbk. v well illus in colour.  Strongholds  on the  Scottish Borders £7.50

55555 ELEMENTS OF FIELD FORTIFICATION 1783  / LOchee, L pull out plans. High quality reprint on cream laid paper, sewn paperback binding. Inc star forts; fortifying houses, churches and small towns, USes examples from the AWI. Good re-enactment  quality £39.50

55556 BOXER REBELLION : Osprey  MAA 95  / - VGc  pbk. Annotated with corrections by Mike Blake £9.50

55557 EN AVANT: Rules for the Napoleonic wargame  / SChneider 1976  US  publication. Inc  War of 1812  & Crimean war modifications £7.00

55558 British in India 1826-1859: Organisation, Warfare, Dress and Weapons  / FRench, J Wargames  Foundry  large  format cloth  hardback Like new storage wear £49.95

55559 EARLY SLAVS Eastern Europe from the Initial Settlement to the Kievan Rus  / - 230p. illus  like new  hardback £25.00

55560 Diary of the Siege of Detroit in the War with Pontiac  / Rogers, Major Robert ( yes, him large format PBK near mint reprint 290p £16.50

55561 Die Preussischen Kavallerie- Regimenter 1913/1914. Nach dem Gesetz vom 3. Juli 1913  / Schulz, Hugo F.W Hd.back. Large format. German text.197 pages. exceptionally well full colour.  uniforms, flgs  inc  many photos New book in presentation slip cover. Slight knock to cover £11.50

55562 BERLIN: SOVIET Army book for FLAMES OF WAR  / - New but tear to  cover £8.50

55563 English Factories in India, 1642-1645: A Calendar of Documents in the India Office, Westminster  / - 350p. original 1913  printing  VGC  hardback copies of correspondence detailing events, commerce  etc £25.00

55564 Drapeaux et étendards du roi  / Charrie 180p.  near  near pbk. FRENCH TEXT v well illus, many  in colour.  Standards & Flags  from 1660 to the Revolution £75.00

55565 MEMOIR UPON THE LATE WAR IN NORTH AMERICA BETWEEN THE FRENCH AND ENGLISH 1755-60  / Pouchet 250p. large format pbk. reprint of 1866 ed. Classic French-Indian war memoirs some  creasing to cover  and  a few pages £11.50

55566 CAMPAIGNS : INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE OF MILITARY MINIATURES  / - Bound volume of issues 1 (1975)- 18. Classic military magazine. V well ill in colour photos of models, uniform plates etc.. Articles by the big names of the time on uniforms, modelling, wargaming etc £75.00

55567 HOW TO PLAY WARGAMES IN MINIATURE  / morchauser 134 original  excellent condition hardback, slight fading to spine £35.00