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Brothers in Armour : Rapid Fire extra supplement

Inspired by James Holland’s ‘Brothers in Arms’, this is a 40 page, fully illustrated A5 booklet providing four scenarios for actions involving the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry tank regiment in 1944. From D-Day to the Siegfried Line, follow the SRY as they take on Atlantic Wall defenders, SS panzers in Normandy, Jagdpanthers and Luftwaffe infantry on the Belgium border and support US troops as they assault the German West Wall.  Designed to be played using our Reloaded and Reloaded Extra rules (or RF2 if players prefer) they include historical backgrounds, full graphic orbats, battle maps and special rules. £9.50

Battle of the Frigidus River, AD 394: Theodosius' Miracle/Fields, Nic. 310p. mint hardback. illus. fought on 5 and 6 September 394 in what is now Slovenia, was a crucial clash between the Eastern Roman emperor, Theodosius (later ‘the Great’), and the usurper Eugenius, who had seized power in the Western Empire. The battle was hard fought and lasted two day £24.50

CAMOUFLAGED FIST Camouflage Smocks used by the Infantry Brigades of 6th Armoured Division in Italy 1944/Scanlon, G. 192p. large format pbk 136 colour photos/illustrations, 81 b/w photos/illustrations, 5 colour maps, 2 b/w maps, 22 figures, 2 graphs, 1 tables. Camouflaged Fist delivers a comprehensive overview of the innovative, and until now previously un-researched, camouflage smocks worn by the infantrymen of the 6th Armoured Division. .  £21.50

SAVAGE AND ROMANTIC WAR A Wargamer’s Guide to the First Carlist War, Spain, 1833-1840/Cairns, C. 138 pages 39 colour photos, 20 colour maps, 20 tables, 6 colour diagrams. In the quarter-century after the fall of Napoleon, there were several wars in Europe, and this Spanish civil war was the lengthiest.. £22.50

SOLDIERS' CLOTHING OF THE EARLY 17TH CENTURY : Britain and Western Europe 1618-1660/Spring, L. BARGAINPRE_ORDER PRICE.  376p v well illus. inc  colour. Comprehensive study of the clothing worn by soldiers during the Thirty Years War and the British Civil Wars. The book delves into the changing fashion trends of soldiers' clothing during the early seventeenth century, with detailed chapters on various items of clothing, the contracts and supply system, and challenges the idea that there was no uniformity at the beginning of the century. £19.99

OF KERNS AND GALLOWGLASSES Irish Armies of the 16th Century 1487-1587/Gresg R. Pages : 298 | Images : 72 b/w illustrations & photos, 8pp colour plates, 5 b/w maps, 2 figures, 32 tables. Paperback Edition now out.  Provides unprecedented detail on the Irish armies, military procedures, arms and equipment with particular attention on the Highland mercenary forces that operated in Ireland during this time. £22.50

FOOT KNIGHTS- WARGAMES ATLANTIC/WAAAC001 - 28mm scale. This is the first in a new range - The Age of Chivalry - that is set to include Sergeants, Levy, and cavalry sets.  This hard plastic box set allows you to build up to 24-foot knights with a wide variety of weapons, including an axe, falchion, spear, mace, and, of course, the ubiquitous and iconic arming sword. Various heads and shields allow for even more customization, and parts can be combined with the other sets in the range.  £22.50

Union Army 1861-65 (2) Eastern and New England States

Osprey MAA 555  Shipping now. This book describes and illustrates the uniforms and personal equipment of the troops fielded by the Eastern and New England states that fought for the Union during the American Civil War. £11.50

War Underground 1914-18: Tactics and Equipment

Elite  256  Shipping now This absorbing illustrated study reveals the evolving tactics and techniques used by all sides in the underground war during 1914-18.

Warships in the War of the Pacific 1879-83 South America's ironclad naval campaign/Konstam, Angus.   New Vanguard  328  Shipping now.  Superbly illustrated with original artwork throughout, this book explores the ironclad warships that fought the little-known battles of South America's War of the Pacific. £11.50

H31442 Exercise of Arms in the Continental Infantry: Being a Study of the Manual of the Firelock as Set Forth by Major-General von Steuben to which is added the Motions of the Manual of the Non-Commissioned Officer, the Espontoon & the Sword  / Peterkin & Steuben numbered  limited  edition. excellent condition mock-leather hardback. slight damage  to  top fore-edge.  Being a Study of the Manual of the Firelock as Set Forth by Major-General Von Steuben to which is Added the Motions for the Manual of the Non-commissioned Officer, the Espontoon and the Sword as Prescribed by Contemporary Authorities and Explained in the Minutiae Through the Utilization of a Live Model Displayed in 1,000 Photographic and Artistic Plates £175.00

H31443 Life and Military Actions of His Royal Highness Prince Eugene, of Savoy  / - 230p.  Original 1736  printing. full leather  binding 2nd edition Internally excellent. front board slightly loose some cracking to spine., missing  title on spine. Important military biography dedicated to General Wade £75.00

H31452 Memoirs of the Duke De Villars, Marshal-General of the Armies Of his most Christian Majesty.. military observations  / - Original  1735 edition  rebound in  quarter leather.  Very good condition considering age £150.00

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55569 Uniforms of the Civil War in Colour  / Haythornthwaite 192p. 150+ colour illus.  excellent condition £8.25

55570 ATLAS OF THE BATTLES AND CAMPAIGNS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION 1775-1783  / Bonk & Anderson New slight campaign wear.  244 pages Hardback. 16 b/w illustrations, 19 colour illustrations, 119 colour maps. The maps also show troop dispositions and movements taken from a wide range of written sources to provide the most accurate representation of the battles and campaigns.  £28.50

55571 ENGINEERS IN THE ITALIAN CAMPAIGN 1944  / - 178pp, near new paperback reprint of a 1944 publication. This is an account of engineering operations during the campaign in Italy from the British point of view and covers all the main (and some subsidiary) RE tasks from the landings in southern Italy to the Sangro and the Po. There is a wealth of interesting material describing the range of tasks facing engineers in the field, and it makes a very good read. £19.95

55572 Marlborough's Campaigns: a Brief and Concise Account Illustrated by Nine Sketch Maps and Plans  / Maycock, Cpt F 162p. excellent condition hardback £7.50

55573 Fatal Cruise of the "Argus": Two Captains in the War of 1812  / Dye 370p.  near  new.  superb study of  2  frigate  captains, one  British, one American and their actions in the time of the Napoleonic wars- Title is a spoiler  but  it is much more than  £18.50

55574 FAIR OAKS 1862: McClellan's  peninsula campaign  / Konstam, Angus near new  Osprey campaign in Hardback £7.50

55575 Blenheim (Great Battles Series)  / Fosten, Don 50p.  very good  hardback inc  colour uniform plates £12.50

55576 Marlborough as Military Commander  / Chandler, David 360p. excellent condition but fading to spine £14.50

55577 Featherstone's Complete Wargaming   / Featherstone, Donald 210p. v well ilus in colour hardback £13.50

55578 HEART & THE ROSE : THE Battle of Linlithgow Bridge 1526  / Cooper, J 110p.  Excellent condition pbk.  v well illus inc  colour £9.50

55579 Letters And Sketches Of Francis T. Warre Cornish, Late Captain 17Th Bengal Lancers, And An Essay On The Training Of Cavalry And Mounted Infantry 1884-1901  / Cornish 460p.  original 1902 edition . cloth hardback £20.00


55581 WELLINGTON's REGIMENTS - 3  volume set  / Reid, Stuart. near mint hardback  set. A complete gazetteer of British Napoleonic officers. Organised by Name, includes all ranks and Regiments they passed through. nearly 5,000 names An essential research tool.  Counts as  2  books  for  postage £49.50

55582 CLASH OF SPEARS : ANCIENT RULES  / - 170p. large format  full colour hardback. like new £26.50

55583 Land of the Free: Wargames Rules for North America 1754–1815   /  Krone, Joe,Lathwell, Ala near fine  hardback. Osprey publications. out of print £20.00

55584 Fideles Crucis: Papacy, the West and the Recovery of the Holy Land, 1274-1314  / Schein 310,. VGC hardback  £5.00

55585 Fields of Fire: Battlefields of the Peninsular War  / Fletcher, Ian Hd.back. 176 pages. Illustrated with full colour and bl. and wh. illustrations Cond. very good. £9.50

55586 Eastern Front: Armour, Camouflage and Markings, 1941-45  / Zaloga, Steven Large format pbk. V. wel ill. in colour. Near fine £9.50

55587 FORLON HOPE : ECW RULES  / Berry & Wilkins VGC  pbk £12.50

55588 XVIII CORPS - OPERATION VARSITY  / - US  AIRBORNE HQ  publication. near  Mint paperback reprint of a 1945 publication. 20pp. An American paper on the role of XVIII Corps in Operation Varsity, it comes with seven very valuable maps to illustrate the text. A rare find and of importance to all who want the details of the Rhine Crossing, and particularly the airborne assault £19.50

55589 ESPRIT DE CORPS: Fast Play rules 1790-1860  / Halsall, T 6mm- 28mm, but mainly for 10mm & 15mm. 1 base = 60-100 men. Inc army lists. Also useful for non- European theatre during the same period £9.50

55590 Exercise of Armes: a Seventeenth Century Military Manual  / De Gheyn 240p. near fine  hardback.  all the plates, Greenhil press  edition £14.50

55591 La Brigada de los Toreros : historia de la 96 Brigada Mixta del Ejército Popular  / goMEZ 180P. ILLS  NEAR NEW Spanish text. REPUBLICAN unit in CSW £15.00

55592 German Panzer I: A Visual History of the German Army’s WWII Early Light Tank   / Doyle new hardback. Spread through 168 hardbound pages, over 200 photos document all variations of this, the cornerstone upon which Germany’s famed panzer force was built. £14.50

55593 FIRE & SWORD ALONG THE MARCHES : Note Book of William Maurice and Memoranda of Cpt Sandford  / Lewis, J 100p. pbk  ECW in the Welsh Marches £6.00

55594 Final French Struggles in India and on the Indian Seas: Including an Account of the Capture of the Isles of France and ...the Expedition From India to Egypt in 1801  / Malleson 290p  facsimile in 4  pamphlets £14.50

55595 Firearms Past and Present , Two Volumes: A Complete Review of Firearms Systems and Their Histories.  / Lugs UK SALES ONLY Two volume set in slipcase. Books mint. Slipcase tatty. Hardcover. Volume 1 has 717p , Volume 2 the plates (419pp), 1100+ illus This is a heavy set and counts as 2 books £39.50

55596 FIRE & FURY: GREAT WESTERN BATTLES SCENARIOS   / - Good condition large format scenario book.  1st  edition £12.40

55597 FIREBELL IN THE NIGHT: Brigade Level Miniature Rules for the American Civil war  / - Good condition pbk.  Rules for the American Civil war Kershner, Tod, Wood & Simmons Any scale of figures, 3-6 figures to a base, 4 bases a Brigade. Interesting command control & supply/fatigue rules. 1,000+ named commanders with ratings! + scenario. £20.00

55598 FIELD OF BATTLE 1939-1945  / Oman, Bremt near mint. HIgher  command level . Large format  pbk. ALL cards  etc  complete. Innovative set of rules, 20+ units  for a 2-3 hour game £11.50

55599 FIELD OF BATTLE 1700-1900  1st ed  / OMan large format  all cards  etc  present. Fast play - 20 unit game in  2-3  hours £11.50

55600 Fire and Stone: The Science of Fortress Warfare 1660-1860  / Duffy 200p. near mint  original printing hardback. Inc  wargames rules £15.00

55601 Robert Parker and Comte de Merode-Westerloo: The Marlborough wars (Military memoirs)  / Chandler, D (ed) 260p. VGC  hardback £7.50

55602 Armoured Warfare in the British Army 1939-1945 (Find, Fix and Strike)  / Taylor 230p. illus  new hardback £14.50

55603 Ft-17/M1917 WWI _  Tanks Walk Around  / Doyle, D large format  v wel illus  pbk. like new £19.50

55604 EUROPEAN ARMIES  1796-1815  / Voloshyn 200p. large format  VGG pbk. Extremely well ill in colour  . nearly 1,000 illus of painted French  54mm  figures and dioramas.  ENGLISH FRENCH & GERMAN TEXT.  Essentially  an informative  catalogue of EM  figures  £65.00

55605 YEOMANRY : ANCESTRY & AMALGAMATIONS: A CAP BADGE GUIDE  / Lumley, G 85p; near mint Large format pbk. Evolution of the Ritish Yeomanry Regiments, with line drawings of the cap badges of all formations £14.50

55606 Fire and Sword in the Sudan: A Personal Narrative of Fighting and Serving the Dervishes, 1879-95  / Slatin Hd.back. 636 pages .With pull out coloured map. Cond. like new. 1969 printing. No dust cover as published.  Important & Classic account. Sudan  and Abbyssinia £20.00

55607 ESPRIT DE CORPS : Historical wargames magazine  / - issues  2,3,4, & 5. large format pbk. Short lived mag covering  all periods. Line  illus  by the Perry Twins £22.50


55609 ENGLISH CIVIL WARS  &  30 YEAR WAR   28mm PAINTING GUIDE  / Hargreaves, Mark Slight campaign damage  new Large format all colour  pbk.  number 5 in the Partizan Press painting series, the most detailed shade by shade guides out the  All troop types covered PLUS  appendices on  ECW   & Continental  Flags  and coat colours By Dave Ryan. Includes the most comprehensive survey of  ECW Coat colours  available £21.50