When A Billion Suns was released we drew up a handy chart that assigned each of our models to the ship classifications in the rulebook. This was a useful exercise for us, as it showed up a few places where we had gaps in the range – in particular, a lack of scout or recon ships for many fleets. Today we’re going some way to correcting that, as the British, Neo-Soviet, South African and German fleets all gain a scoutship of some description. As an added bonus the British also get the Harrier class Attack Corvette, which we’ve assigned to the Gunship category.

SFS-151 – Harrier class Attack Corvette – £0.50
SFS-152 – Vigilant class Scoutship – £0.50
SFS-351 – Thetis class Scoutship – £0.50
SFS-651 – Galashewe class Scoutship – £0.50
SFS-1251 – Steregushchiy class Scoutship – £0.50