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WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED 416-All at Sea: Maritime Gaming issue. All the usual articles and reviews e £5.99

PAINTING WAR 12 - SPECIAL BASES - BP1825- The issue will show more than 23 different bases, covering different themes such as sci-fi, fantasy and historical. The bases have been classified into 3 difficulty levels so that the reader can know the complexity of each base before starting to work on them. To finish the issue, some quick base creation techniques are shown, allowing you to get decent bases in record time. £10.00

SHOGUN'S SOLDIERS VOLUME 1 The Daily Life of Samurai and Soldiers in Edo Period Japan, 1603-1721/ Von Essen 342p PBK. 139 b/w ills & photos, 123 colour ills & photos, 2 maps, 15 tables. Volume 1 introduces the reader to the Edo period with an overview of the city, along with an in-depth analysis of the Shogun’s Army.. £29.50

Battles of the English Civil War: A Solitaire Wargame

Lambo, Large format full colour. 15 scenarios. All you need are dice and some counters. Each of the 15 Battles can be played in around 20 to 40 minutes, and each one should provide plenty of replayability due to the random set up of the initial forces. £15.00

THE LAST SAMURAI REBELLION - The Men Who Would Be Kings Supplement/ History and Games lab. This expansion for The Men Who Would Be Kings (TMWWBK) explores a period largely neglected by historical wargaming: Japan's last Samurai Rebellion, which took place in 1877, £16.00

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H30218 MINIATURE WARFARE MAGAZINE VOLUME 2 1969 / - 12 issues in blue Binder John Tunstall's classic magazine £89.50

53369 Moltke and his Generals: A Study in Leadership / Barry, Quintin Hbk, pub 2015, 304 pages. Mint new copy. £24.00

53370 KAMPFGRUPPE : NORMANDY - WARHAMMER HISTORICAL / Kinrade, Warwick Near mint Hardback. 350p. v well illus £45.00

53371 HAIL CAESAR: Warlord games Ancient rules / - Near fine hardback. £25.00

53372 Highland Brigade in the Crimea / Sterling, Lieut.-Col Anthony P.bk. 244 pages. Bl. & wh. illustr. Like new. Near fine. £5.00

53373 Heros Meconnus 1914-1918, 1939-1945 / Rives & Dietrich Hd.back.349 pages. Illust. in bl. & wh. throughout.Like new. Near fine.Lacks dust cover. £152.00

53374 British Cruiser Warfare: The Lessons of the Early War, 1939-1941 / Raven, Alan Hardback, published 2019, 320 pages, b&w photographs throughout. Cond. new. £17.00

53375 World of the Battleship: The Design and Careers of Capital Ships of the World s Navies 1900 1950 / Taylor, Bruce. Hd.back. Publ. 2018.440 pages. Illust. in bl. & wh. throughout. £19.86

53376 History of Cavalry From the Earliest Times With Lessons for the Future / Denison, Col George T Hd.back. Publ. 2013.468 pages. Some campaign maps. Cond. acceptable. Reading copyonly. £25.00

53377 History of the Uniforms of The British Army. Volume VI 1 807-1809 Egypt to Corruna / - 450p. near fine N&M Press pbk £10.00

53378 BY FIRE & SWORD: THE DELUGE : NORTHERN WARS 1655-1660 supplement / - 250p. All colour near fine Hardback Northern War of 1655-1660 Rules supplement. 3 new armies into the game, as well as ten new scenarios, new rules, units and unit structures. Excellent period details, you don’t have to play the rules to enjoy £32.50

53379 LASALLE NAPOLEONIC RULES / Mustafa 1st edition large format near fine HBK £27.50

53379 History of Tipu Sultan / Trans. from Persian Miles, Col W Hd.back.Publ.1997.186 pages. Cond. like new. Looks unread. £15.00

53380 History of the 31st Georgia Volunteer Infantry: This Most Bloody and Cruel Drama (Army of Northern Virginia Series, 8th V) / White, Gregory C. Hd.back.Publ.1997.455pages. Cond. like new. Minor surface knocks to corners of cover. £55.00

53381 History of No. 10 Squadron: Royal Naval Air Service in World War I / Westrop, Mike Hd.back.Publ.2004.194 bl. and wh..Cond. like new. Shelf wear around edges of book. £16.00

53382 Horse in the Ancient World / Hyland, Ann Hd.back.Publ.2003.210 pages.Some bl. and wh. illustr. Cond. like new. £55.00

53383 TWO DISCOURSES OF THE NAVY 1638 AND 1659 ALSO A DISCOURSE OF THE NAVY 1660 BY SIR ROBERT SLYNGESBIE / Hollond, John Hardback, pub. 1896, 419 pages. Good condition. Binding a bit loose. £23.00

53384 Hitler's Espionage Machine: German Intelligence Agencies and Operations During World War II / Jorgenson,Christer Hd.back.Publ.2004.224 bl. and wh..Cond. very good. £4.00

53385 Hitler's Battleships / Gray, Edwin Hd.back.Publ.1999. 195 bl. and wh..Cond. very good. £11.99

53386 IMPERIAL COMMANDER S/F rules. / Halliwell & Bryan Ansell Near mint pamphlet rule book with templates. Classic TTG rules £8.00

53387 IMPERIAL GERMAN SCHUTZTRUPPE 1891-1914 (UNIFORMOLOGY BOOK NO. 6) / Bassett-Powell, Bruce Paperback, published 2006, 48 pages inc 27 colour plates. Very good condition.New book. Rubbed wear to edges of spine. £8.50

53388 IMPERIAL COLOURS : Dictionary of 19th cent. military uniform terms in Eng, Fr, & German. / Brown, Benjamin N P.back . Publ. 2000. 108 pages. Col. &bl. & wh. illust. Cond. like new. £12.00

53389 Imperial Bayonets: Tactics of the Napoleonic Battery, Battalion and Brigade as Found in Contemporary Regulations / Nafziger, George F. Hd.back.Publ.1996.312 bl. and wh..Cond. like new. Some shelf wear. £14.00

53390 IMAGES OF A CONTEMPTIBLE LITTLE ARMY: A Pictorial Study of the British Forces on the Western Front. / Marrion & Grant. Hd.back.Publ.2014.184 bl. and wh. Cond. new book with slight surface wear. £9.50

53391 Handbook to Field Training in the Infantry 1894 / - 156p. ill near fine pbk reprint. ill VICTORIAN British army Training manual, the result of Colonial use. .Attack & Defence; Infantry vs Cavalry; Defensive tactics in woods and buildings; outposts. bivouacs, night marches etc etc IMprove your Colonial wargaming £10.00

53392 UNDAUNTED : NORMANDY / - MINT in shrink wrap. Card based Game 2 only £24.50

53393 Indian Army uniforms under the British from the 18th century to 1947 : CAVALRY / Carman 240p. v well illus inc col. ill. Lacks jacket £15.00

53394 War and the Bagdad Railway: The Story of Asia Minor and Its Relation to the Present Conflict / Jastrow mint pbk facsimile £13.50

53395 Indian Army Uniforms under the British from the 18th Century to 1947 : Artillery, Engineers and Infantry. / Carman 260p. v well illus inc colour. Ex-library, no jacket £25.00


53397 ILLUSTRIOUS COMPANY: An exhibition & Catalogue of EARLY PORTRAITS 1545-1720 / Weiss Gallery Large format pbk All colour plates. 35 portraits (mostly C17th) that have passed through the hands of this prestigious London Gallery £15.00

53398 FRENCH LIGNE CAVALRY AT WATERLOO / Courcelle, Parice 7 l.imited edition post cards with colour illus £7.50

53399 I Lancieri Di Milano / The Lancers Of Milano 1859-19 (7) / Puletti & Luna P.back . Publ. 1985.59 pages. Bl. & wh. & colour illustr. Cond. very good. Italian text. £35.00

53400 Italian Parachutist Units 1937/45. I Paracadutisti Italiani 1937/45 / Lundari & Compagni P.back . Publ. 1989.104 pages. Illustr. in colour & bl. & wh.Cond. very good.Italian text. £32.00

53401 I LANCIERI DI MONTEBELLO 1859-1990 (The Montebello lancers) / Puletti & Giudice P.back . Publ. 1990 88 pages. Illustr. in colour & bl. & wh. Cond. very good/ like new. Light surface wear only. £25.00

53402 How the Army Made Britain a Global Power: 1688-1815 / Black, Jeremy Hd.back.Publ.2021.239 pages. Cond. new book. Very slight shelf edge wear. £39.50

53404 Horse Soldiers in Blue: First Maine Cavalry / Holmes, Torlief S. Hd.back.Publ.1985.259 bl. and wh..Cond. very good. Fabric cover a little faded. £70.00

53405 WARGAMES FOUNDRY CATALOGUE OF 28mm MODELS : FANTASY AND ADVENTURE VOLUME 1 2005 / - large format Near Mint Hardback illustrated catalogue- thousands of images £60.00

53406 HISTORY OF THE GREAT WAR: NAVAL OPERATIONS VOL I TO THE BATTLE OF THE FALKLANDS DECEMBER 1914 / Corbett, Sir Julian S. Hdbk, reprint of 1938 2nd ed. 470 pages. New book, mint £55.00

53407 On the Prairie of Palo Alto / Haecker C. M. & mauck J. G. Hbk, pub. 1997, 227 p, b&w illustrations. V.Good, crease to top of DJ £20.00

53408 Persian Invasions of Greece / Keaveney Hbk, pub. 2011, 125 pages, colour illustrations. Like new, mint £14.50

53409 Portraits of the Parliamentary Officers of the Great Civil War / Anon Pbk, facsimile of 1647 original, 64 pages, B & W illustrations. Mint £11.00

53411 Redcoats: The British Soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars / Haythornthwaite, Philip Hbk, pub. 2012, 200 pages, b&w illustrations. Like new, mint. £8.50

53412 STANDARD MILITARY VEHICLES (US WWII) / - 590p. large format near fine pbk reprint. over 275 + photos plus diagrams and technical data. This manual was the primary Us Army reference work of the period and listed data and illustrations of all US Army vehicles in operation at that time. £35.00

53413 SWORD AND THE FLAME COLONIAL RULES 3RD EDITION / - Good condition only JUst teh rule book includes card sheets £14.00

53414 PATRIOTS & LOYALISTS : Rules for the American revolution / HOlkder & Conliffe large fomat ills pbk. very good condition £12.50


53416 Toledo 1936 : asedio y liberación del Alcázar / Canales 110p. SPANISH TEXT near fine pbk v well illus inc colour Uniform plates £14.50

53417 UNITED STATES ARMY GROUND FORCES TABLES OF ORGANIZATION AND EQUIPMENT WORLD WAR II: VOLUME 1/I THE INFANTRY DIVISION / Hays 160p. large forrmat near fine pbk. The scarce first volume of this series. Essential breakdown of personnel and equipment of elements of the Division (e.g HQ Company)at various stages in the war £30.00

53418 Catalogue of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum: Division I. Political and Personal Satires Volume 1 1320-1689 / - 770p. ORIGINAL 1870 printing, rebound ex-library Almost entirely ECW Commonwealth tracts. 1,100+ gives Title, Description of text and illustrations, often at length and will sometimes quote from text or reproduce a Ballad £39.50

53419 JOURNAL OF THE SEVEN YEARS WAR ASSOCIATION 22/2 / - Inc gunboats at SToney Point and articles on Santa Cruz du Marcenado, FRederick's mentor £6.00

53420 TANK BATTLES IN EAST PRUSSIA AND POLAND 1944-1945 / Nebolsin, I 500p. near mint v well illus. Very detailed look at later tank batles £0.00

53421 Arms and Uniforms: Second World War, v.1 / Funcken 120p. VGC Hardback. France, Germany, Austria Russia Czech. Poland & Belgium all colour plates £6.50

53422 SONS OF THE DESERT: Wargaming the Foreign Legion in North AFrica 1890-1925 / - Good condition large format pbk rules £11.50

53424 TEAM YANKEE WEST GERMAN STARTER FORCE / - Opened but mint set box £60.00

53425 BATTLE OF ROSSBACH 1757 New Perspectives on the Battle and Campaign / - near mint pbk Helion £17.50

53426 DENMARK & NORWAY 1940 / - Near Mint OSPREY CAMPAIGN Series HARDBACK £4.50

53427 NAVAL ANNUAL 1886 / Brassey 560p. near fine pbk. well illus. inc colour more than just a catalogue of vessels. Inc action reports and discussion of current naval ideas £20.00

53428 PENUNSULAR WAR. Jackdaw Folder 72. / Lacey Good condition. nostalgia collection! . Facsimile documents, letters, and posters. £7.50