Allied Warships vs the Atlantic Wall Normandy 1944/Zaloga, Osprey Duel 128 Shipping now. A fascinating exploration of the often-overlooked gunnery duels between the formidable artillery weapons in the Atlantic Wall defences and the mighty US and Royal Navy battleships. £14.99 m- Shipping NOW

Ju 87D/G STUKA versus T-34 Eastern Front 1942-45-Robert Forsyth. Osprey Duel 129  Shipping now. An examination of two of the most high-profile air and land weapons to be deployed on the Eastern Front in World War II. £14.99 - shipping now

MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN: FAR FLUNG CONFLICTS 1) NEW ZEALAND -THE MAORI WARS 1843-1869/Sutherland, John 92p large format full colour  pbk. 39 Scenarios, maps  & Orbats  plus  bonus  Boer War  one  involving  NZ troops. Large scale  skirmish games.  Can be used for any  sets of rules  but obviously we want you to buy  MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN! £25.00


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H31015 Galerie Des Enfans De Mars Offrande a Sa Majeste L'Imperatrice et Reine  / Martinett, Pierre 1 only. A near mint Case of  46 large format full colours  reprints of  Martinetts  French Napoleonic uniforms plates. High Quality  art paper  Originally Published 1811 ideal for framing £99.50

H31017 EMPIRE 4th EDITION NAPOLEONIC RULES  / Gets & Bowden 1 only  Near mint  box set of rules,  unplayed ,  counters intact £40.00

We have as always some second hand and shop soiled Books and Rules

54523 Pistol as a Weapon of Defence in the House and on the Road: How to Choose it and how to Use it  / - 30p. reprint of 1875  US book. discusses  revolver types  and ammunition, handling and shooting. One for the Wild West aficionados Wild West aficionados! £6.50

54524 Short History of the 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards 1685 - 1922, 7th (Princess Royal's( Dragoon Guards 1688 - 1922, 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards 1922 - 1939  / - 70p. pbk. 1949 edition £9.50

54525 TALAVERA  / Partridge & Oliver Great battles of history refought   series. Anschluss Wargames scenarios £6.50

54526 MAGERSFONTEIN  December 1899  / - 60p. well illus  pbk.  excellent maps of the battle plus section oin artillery piece suse dby both sides £7.50

54527 Beyond the Reach of Empire: Wolseley's Failed Campaign to Save Gordon and Khartoum  / Snook. Col Mike 590p. near new pbk The  most comprehensive study of the campaign, underpinned with an extensive knowledge of the area £13.50

54528 KINGDOM OF ITALY : Infantry 1805-14  / Currie 50p. illus.  Napoleonic Association uniform guide £6.50

54529 VAE VICTIS 170- French  wargames magazine  / - Full colour. Maps  etc FRENCH TEXT.  Scenarios= Normans in Italy; Raids on the French coat 1813  :French Indian wars £7.50

54530 WARGAME CAMPAIGNS  / Grant, CSG 160p. illus.  near new.  How to run campaign-  maps; rules, structures, supply. etc £15.00

54531 Ntombe: the Bloody affair at Myers Drift  / Hobson Large format near mint illus  pbk.  22 pages accouint fo te ZUlu War action £9.50

54532 FRANCO- PRUSSIAN WAR: A GUIDE  / Shann. Steve 60p. ANschjluss publishing 60p. VGC pbk.  Inc extensive orbats £8.00

54533 Donald Featherstone's Tank Battles in Miniature Vol 4: A Wargaming Guide to the Mediterranean Campaigns 1943-1945  / Donald Featherstone 200p. near new pbk reprint £14.00

54534 Tank Battles in Miniature Vol 1: A Wargaming Guide to the Western Desert Campaign 1940-1942  / Feathersone, D 160p.  Original hardback  edition £30.00

54535 ALL FOR ONE: A Three Musketeers  skirmish game  / - VGC pbk 28p. Skirmish rules book £6.00

54536 Deutsche Luftkriegsgeschichte 1914-1918. Das Kriegstagebuch der Jagdstaffel 12  / Schmeelke 112 large format  VGC  pbk. GERMAN TEXT  v well illus, War diary   £16.50

54537 Panzer-Grenadier, Motorcycle and Panzer Reconnaissance Units: A History of the German Motorized Units, 1935-1945  / Horst Scheibert  170p. large  format  v well illustrated  hardback £39.50

54538 1864-et hundredarsminde (The  Prusso-Danish War)  / Moller Very large format VGC hardback DANISH TEXT.  very well illustrated  inc. 2 colours pull out campaign &  battle  maps.  The   £65.00

54539 L'AIGLE : WARGAMING IN THE AGE OF NAPOLEON 1791-1815  / - .   New but  MAY be  very slightly crinkled by damp 10=28mm figures. Stand based. 3 figures per stand. scales varies from an avergae 300 men per stand in the smaller scales to 180 men per stand in the larger., thus giving Divisional up to Corps level games.  £6.50

54540 PRUSSIAN HUSSAR   1750 SEMI- ROUND   TIN SOLDIER MOULD  / - 60mm High-  NURNBERGER MEISTERZINN Metal  mold. New in packet. Like  the Prince August  SYW  moulds £17.50

54541 ARMY LISTS 1420-1700 for  WRG  RENAISSANCE RULES  / - VGC pbk £10.00

54542 MINUTEMAN  / Berry, Pete Near New. Company level rules - (6 figures to a company, 50 - 60 figures a side ) Amusing and vital command and control system. Great fun Now back in print - THERE IS ALSO RANGER - The FRENCH INDIAN WAR version £5.00

54543 LINCOLN CASTLE LONGBOWMEN HANDBOOK  / - large format  ring bound pbk.  Good condition only  98p. v well illus guide to dress weapons  and equipment for a re-enactment group £12.50

54544 RISE AND FALL OF THE GERMAN AIR FORCE (1933 TO 1945)  / Air Ministry  1948 reprint. Near new  large format  paperback. inc pull oiut mpas.  detailed account of Luftwaffe  operations £15.00

54545 Life of John Colborne, Field-Marshal Lord Seaton  / smith 420p. 1905  edition Good condition HBK. We join Colborne in battle on the bloody sands of Egypt, during the gruelling Peninsular War and finally on the apocalyptic fields of Waterloo where his inspired flank attack on the advance of the Imperial Guard delivered the final coup de grace of that momentous day. £30.00

54546 Austrian military border in Croatia, 1522-1747  / Rothenburg 156p.  near finePrint on demand  pbk reprint £19.50

54547 SOLDAT II : Wargaming rules  1900-1955  / Godlett VGC  large format  pbk.  15mm- 28mm. Squad level games £28.50

54548 RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR FULLY ILLUSTRATED  1) April 1904  / - 150p. original  1904 Japanese publication in English. Good condition only pbk.  photos & colour plates £16.00

54549 UNIFORM PAINTING GUIDE TO THE  MEXICAN  AND AMERICAN ARMIES 1846-1848  / - large format  pbk. Illus with colour schematics on most pages. OUTPOST WARGAMES SERVICES £15.00

54550 WARLORD PLASTIC  CELTS  SPRUE S & COMMAND  SPRUE  / - 20  28mm figures  plus  weapons, shields,  etc £10.00

54551 WARGAMES FACTORY ANCIENT GERMANS-Sprue of 6 x  28mm plastic figures, plus weapons, heads,  shields  / - - £0.25

54551 RENAISSANCE TO RESTORATION +  SALLY FORTH :  Pike & Shot rules + supplement  / - A5  pamphlets some interesting concepts for an old  school set £14.50

54552 Panzer-Grenadiers: German Infantry and Its Equipment, 1939-45  / Chamberlain & ellis ALmark publication  pbk. v well illus £5.00

54553 15mm plastic WWII   US INFANTRY-  WARGAMES ATLANTIC -  1  sprue  / - 23 figures on sprue £1.99

54554 IN THE AGE OF THE FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR Wargames Rule  / - VGC large format  pbk. 10mm- 20 scales. 1 figure = 125 men published 1990 £15.00

54555 GERMANIA: HAIL CAESAR SUPPLEMENT  / - large format well illus in colour  pbk scenarios etc £12.50

54556 AIRFIX: GERMAN INFANTRY  + AFRIKA  KORPS 1/72 -  1960  issue  / - not quite  48 in a box  BUT these are very first issue figures  &  Boxes.(  Germans  green on a red and white background with intact cellophane  window_ a bit grubby  and some foxing to the German infantry  but one for the collectors £29.50

54557 ENGLISH CIVIL WAR SCENARIOS  4) : Inc Aylesbury; Bradford; Gainsborough; Benburb; Jersey; Sherburn; Highnam House  / Bob Giglio  near new  large format pbk  12  English civil war actions; maps orbats etc £14.50

54558 VICTRIX  MIDDLE GUARD  28mm   SPRUE  / - 15 Figures.  £6.25

54559 FLAMES OF WAR   T-34   (early) 15mm plastic   / - 1 tank sprue £1.25

54560 Lion Rampant- 1st edition  / - VGC  pbk £2.50