A very Successful SALUTE under our belts , thanks you so  we are now taking orders for  CARRONADE  and PARTIZAN.

We have  reduced the price of  all our  2nd hand   Books rules games and figures  so head over to that section and look under your favourite period  (Note there is a lot of good stuff in the GENERAL section)

STARGRAVE SCAVENGERS II features new bits and pieces for making 28mm female crew members for your Sci-Fi adventures. This boxed set offers enough parts to build 20 ragged characters for Stargrave, ideal for use in independent crews or as members of the pirate fleets hunting them down. .  £18.50




This Clash of Steel Starter Sets contain everything a player needs to get started, including rules, miniatures, dice, tokens and much more… Contains: • 21x Highly Detailed Plastic Model Tanks • 22x Tank Commanders • Decals • Complete Rulebook • Quick Start R

BRITISH EXPEDITIONARY FORCE : Wargame Atlantic 28mm plastics

5 frames per box build up to 30 figures. This hard plastic box set will allow you to build both BEF and Home Guard troops

Buy 2 - get them post/ Handling free world wide £22.50

PAINTING COMMONWEALTH ARMIES Issue 14 Latest in this series. This book is divided into two main sections: The first section covers the "how-to" aspect, providing detailed instructions on painting miniatures for wargames. The second section comprises a comprehensive collection of colour charts, providing readers with the resources to paint miniatures representing the British army across various Commonwealth countries and theatres of war, including Europe, Africa, and the Pacific. £19.50

Clash of Steel American bundle - Starter set + M26 Pershing, M8A3E8, M4A3E2 -Starter set + M26 Pershing, M8A3E8, M4A3E2:- Contains: CSU03 (3 Pershing tanks), CSU04 (3 M4A3E8 Easy 8's), CSU05 (3 M4A3E2 Jumbo)• 21x Highly Detailed Plastic Model Tanks • 22x Tank Commanders • Decals • Complete Rulebook • Quick Start Rules • 20x Dice • 2x Force Booklets • 20x Unit Cards • 34x Tokens • 3x Objective Markers • 2x Victory Point Dials • 26x Tactics Cards • 6x Mission Setup Cards • 9x Mission Rule Cards • 22x Objective Cards  - PRE- ORDER  Post Free UK & Europe £109.50

WELLINGTON'S SWITZERS: THE WATTEVILLE REGIMENT (1801-1816) : A SWISS REGIMENT OF THE BRITISH ARMY IN EGYPT, THE MEDITERRANEAN, SPAIN AND CANADA-Mint hardback. 302pp., 23 maps, 12 tables, 1 fig. 2014. Pioneering regimental study. The Watteville Regiment was formed in 1801 for the British Army. It began service in Egypt (1801) then in the Mediterranean where it particularly at Maida (1806). It was part of the garrison besieged in the Spanish city of Cadiz. Finally, the regiment was sent across the Atlantic to defend Canada against the United States and saw action at Oswego and before being sent to the Niagara front. £37.50

WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED 437 with free copy of 'Never Mind The Billhooks, Here's The Ruckus'.-Theme: Causing a Ruckus -- Includes 32-page copy of Ruckus (medieval skirmish rules). £5.99

HITLER'S LAST LEVY The Volkssturm 1944-45-Kissel, 214 | Images : 4 pages colour plates, 161 b/w photos, 1 b/w map. The author describes the Volkssturm’s training, leadership, organisation, armament and equipment, in addition to its active service on both the Eastern and Western fronts. The text is supported by an extensive selection of appendices, including translations of documents and many fascinating eyewitness combat reports. This edition also includes over 150 previously unpublished b/w photos, and 4 pages of specially commissioned colour uniform plates by Stephen Andrew.  £22.50


Kotelnikov, Pages : 58 | Images : 89 b/w photos, 18 colour profiles, 1 b/w map, 1 colour map. Soviet Military Aviation in Central Asia 1917–41 offers a detailed exploration of the inter-war use of air power in Soviet Central Asia, drawing from Russian-language sources and photographic archives. The book provides insights into the challenges faced by the Soviet military in maintaining control over the region, accompanied by rare photographs and unique colour artworks depicting the aircraft utilised during this era.  £14.95

From Eylau To Friedland  / Hourtoulle Large format like new  slight damage to spine  well illus in colour Hardback. HISTOIRE ET COLLECTIONS series £29.95

We have as always some second hand and shop soiled Books and Rules

55498 PROGRAMMED WARGAME SCENARIOS FOR SOLO & MULTIPLAYER GAMES: 2nd edition  / Grant, C S New but slight campaign wear.  166p. revised and expanded edition of this sought after essential wargaming companion 19 scenarios and 2 mini campaigns suitable for any period and fantasy games £27.50

55499 REFIGHTING HISTORY 10) THE SAXON ARMY AT PIRNA IN 1756  / Grant, CS New but slight campaign wear.  19op Hardback. Fully illustrated in Colour. Uses this campaign as a basis for any SYW series of games, and indeed the scenarios can be used for any period to the end of the Horse & Musket period . Includes details of the Saxon army plus the usual sumptuous photos of the games, plus some unusual vignettes £36.00

55500 WENT THE DAY WELL?  Platoon level skirmish rules for  1938 A Very British Civil War  / - Excellent condition paperback £6.50

55501 BRIGADIER 38 : ARMY LISTS 1) Field armies 1938 A Very British Civil War  / - Excellent condition paperback £6.50

55502 BRIGADIER 38 : ARMY LISTS   2) SCOTLAND, WALES & INDEPENDENT FORCES  1938 A Very British Civil War  / - Excellent condition paperback £6.50

55503 TALES FROM THE EMPIRE :  1938 A Very British Civil War  / - Excellent condition paperback £6.50

55504 MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN:  WARGAMING INDIA 1798-1859  / Sutherland, Jon New  but tear to back cover  £11.50

55505 White Death - Finnish Forces in Mid War - Flames of War  / - Like new  supplement  with cards £10.00

55506 PANZER LEHR: WARGAMES ATLANTIC PLASTIC  SPRUE  / - 6 figures.  up to 5 for sale £1.99

55507 SAGA  ANGLO-SAXON/DANE  4 point starter army  / - New,  wear to boxes 29  x 28mm  plastic  Gripping beast figures £19.50

55508 WARLORD GAMES  ITALIAN INFANTRY SECTION- 12  METAL figures  / - discontinued. £22.50

55509 Weapons and Equipment of the Marlborough Wars  / Kemp like new 170p., v well illus  hbk £17.50

55510 History of the Dress of the Royal Regiment of Artillery by R.J. Macdonald  / Macdonald, Cpt R 160p. excellent condition hardback. 23  full colour plates - to 1893 £37.50

55511 BATTLEGROUND WWII RULES - by Easy Eight  / - 22p. good condition pbk. charts and templates  intact  £16.50

55512 Republican Roman Warriors Mounted  / SAHR05 8 mounted  Gripping Beast metal 28mm. New in tatty box £25.00

55513 Kings in conflict: Ireland in the 1690s   / - 330p. near new  large format v well illus  pbk.  Ulster museum  exhibition catalogue 300+  artefact, weapons, paintings  etc £19.50

55514 Japan and Korea (Armies of the Nineteenth Century):   / Heath, Ian near new large format well illus  Wargames Foundry  publication £55.00

55515 Military Uniforms in Canada 1665-1970  / Summers & Chartrand 190p. large  format  hardback very good  condition 40+  full colour plates French British & Canadian uniforms £20.00

55516 Armies and Enemies of the Crusades, 1096-1291  / Heath, Ian Excellent condition Wargames Research Group publication £19.95

55517 Armies of the Greek and Persian Wars  / Nelson, R good condition Wargames Research Group publication £19.95

55518 War Games : Battles and Manoeuvres With Model Soldiers  / Donald Featherstone Original  edition. Internally excellent in worn jacket with plastic cover £17.50

55519 Panzer Colors, Vol. 3: Markings of the German Army Panzer Forces (1939-45)  / Culver large  format very good condition  v well illus pbk inc  colour £16.50

55520 Armies of the Dark Ages 600-1066. Organisation, Tactics, Dress and Weapons  / Heath, Ian Good condition  only WRG publication £12.50

55521 IMPERIAL ARMIES OF THE 30 YEARS WAR  vol  1  +  2  -  / - near new.  2  Osprey volumes. 1 postage £16.50

55522 World War II Infantry Tactics 1)  : Squad and Platoon   plus  2) Company & battalion  / - 2 Osprey elites, 1 postage  Excellent condition, usual yellowing to cover £18.50

55523 World War II ANTI- TANK Tactics   / - Osprey elite,  Excellent condition, usual yellowing to cover £7.50

55524 Sassanian Elite Cavalry AD 224-642:  / - Osprey elite  excellent condition £9.50

55525 Italian Army Elite Units & Special Forces 1940–43  / - Osprey ELITE  99  excellent condition £7.50