We’ve had another batch of Litko stock arrive today with the first of their Flight Stands now available along with another selection of Tokens too!  Our next order will mainly be the rest of the flight stands.

Flight Pegs

SFS001CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 20mm, 3mm Clear (10)
SFS002CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 25mm, 3mm Clear (10)
SFS003CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 25mm (Offset Peg), 3mm Clear (10)
SFS004CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 30mm, 3mm Clear (10)
SFS005CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 1.375inch, 3mm Clear (10)
SFS006CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 1.375inch (Offset Peg), 3mm Clear (10)
SFS007CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 1.5inch, 3mm Clear (10)
SFS008CLR-10    Flight Bases, Hexagonal, 2.5inch, 3mm Clear (10)


TS009-ABR    Scanner Blip Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
TS009-CLR    Scanner Blip Tokens, Clear (10)
TS053-ABR    Space Shield Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
TS058-ABR    Blast Area Effect Tokens, Fluorescent Amber (10)
TS065-FBL    Plasma Tokens, Fluorescent Blue (10)
TS068    Splash Markers, Mini, Translucent White & Fluorescent Blue  (10)
TS069    Blast Markers, Mini, Transparent Yellow Base & Fluorescent Amber Flames (10)
TS071    Smoke Column Markers, Mini, Translucent Grey (10)
TS540-CLR    Webbed Token, Clear (10)
TS606    Splash Markers, Micro, Translucent White & Fluorescent Blue (10)

And some pics!