Like many in the tight-knit community that is gaming, we were very sad to learn of the passing of Jeff Bevan of Outpost Wargames Services.
On a personal note, I was a long-time customer of Outpost. Later, in the early 2000s, Jeff was the first to take a risk on an unknown upstart little company called Badger Games. Jeff allowed us to represent his miniature lines in the US and at conventions. We were very honored that he had that faith in us and took that leap to help get us started. Jeff was just a really nice guy and always there with advice or help.
The Outpost lines are unique, wonderful lines and much beloved. Most of the figures cover periods not covered anywhere else. This is a testament to Jeff's love of the hobby. We have seen a lot of type spent wondering what has become of the lines.
Badger Games is pleased to announce that we have purchased all of the 28mm molds of Outpost Wargames Services. We plan to sort them out and place them in production over the next few months. We plan to add to and continue to expand the wonderful ranges Jeff created and are happy that we will be able to keep them in production and available to the gaming community.
We will receive the molds shortly and have to go through all of them and work them into our system. We hope to cast and package and begin to get the miniatures back on the market later in 2023. Look for new releases in 2024!

Thank you

Badger Games