As we mentioned last week we are taking orders for  the YORK SHOW. Note that the  Organisers  have seriously cut my foot print so we shall be taking  less stuff so it’s ESSENTIAL YOU PRE-ORDER!!!


Swann, Blake & Collwill. Sci-Fi Characters And Tales In Adventurous Locations. 80p.   You will need  the main Tales of Derring Do rules set.  This  expands the rules to cover the world of science fiction and space opera. It provides extra skills and generic characters as well as new settings for players to explore. There is also an additional QPS which summarises the new/extra rules from this supplement and can be used in conjunction with the QPS from Tales of Derring Do. £16.99

TALES OF DERRING DO: Rules for Adventures Plus SPACE TERRORS, ALIENS & ROBOTS-Swann, Chris; Blake, Mike; Colwell. Ian.  A Bundle of both the Tales of Daring do rules and the new Space Terrors Aliens & Robots. A complete set for all your Sci-fi pulp needs. £42.50

NAPOLEON'S SPRING CAMPAIGN 1813, LÜTZEN AND BAUTZEN A Wargamer’s Guide-Rohan Saravanamuttu. 138p.   40 colour photos, 8 colour maps, tables throughout. The guide sets out the strategic and political situation in central Europe and contains a thorough but clear account of the historical battles. It provides detailed orders of battle of the opposing armies, scaled down orders of battle for game purposes, maps of the historical events, stylised maps for laying out wargames tables, and instructions for each battle and for the mini-campaign. Design notes explain the rationale and historical background to the scenario instructions. £19.95.

Victrix Early Imperial Roman Bolt-Shooter VXA049-28mm Hard Plastic figures. Contains • 4 x Bolt shooters and the option of extended slider and drawn back slider ready to shoot. • 4 x barrels and lots of loose bolts to fill the barrels. • 8 x defensive stakes • 16 x crew figures in various poses. Ratcheting back the hand cranks, loading the bolts, standing guard. We even have arms with picks, axes and buckets so you can use them as Romans building and entrenching. • 44 x Heads including Option head with Feathers and some bare heads. £34.50 can be post free world wide


HISTORY, SCENARIO, STATS. DONE. • theme: THE TEMPLARS' LAST CHARGE • ABC Warriors The Miniatures Game • theme: A freezing fighting retreat • THE ATTACK ON FORT GALLABAT • theme: The Battle of Mottola • Wargaming Manzikert • Operation Ikarus part two • Ruckus in the Wi Gaming Room • AN ACW SIGNAL TOWER: MAKING AND GAMING. £5.00

RUSSIAN PATRIOTIC WAR OF 1812 VOLUME 1 The Russian Official History/Major General Modest Ivanovich Bogdanovich. 392p mint pbk.  15 maps. The Russian Patriotic War of 1812 is the only publicly available translation into English of Bogdanovich's official history of the Russian forces’ involvement in the fight against Napoleon and his allies in Russia in 1812. This translation also includes extracts from Ivan Liprandi's critique of Bogdanovich's work. £28.50

LANDING IN THE DAWN Dissecting a Legend - The Landing at ANZAC, Gallipoli, 25 April 1915/Hurst. 264p  33 b/w photos, 12 b/w maps.  it uses the aggregate experience of a single, first-wave battalion over a single day, primarily through the investigation of veteran’s letters and diaries, to create a body of evidence with which to construct a history of the battle. £24.95

DECISIVE VICTORY The Battle of the Sambre: 4 November 1918/

Clayton. 272p mint pbk  35 b/w photos, 23 maps (6 sketch & 17 colour), 4 diags, 1 b/w painting, 4 tables. The Battle of the Sambre, 4 November 1918, was a decisive British victory. The battle has, however, been largely neglected by historians: it was the last large-scale, set-piece battle fought by the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front: the Armistice was only one week away. Seven Victoria Crosses were won and the poet Wilfred Owen was killed in action. In scale it was similar to the first day of the Battle of the Somme: thirteen divisions of the BEF led the assault on a frontage of approximately twenty miles, supported by over 1,000 guns, with initial plans presuming an involvement of up to 70 tanks and armoured cars. £24.95

H31299 HOME GUARD INSTRUCTION : BATTLECRAFT & BATTLE DRILL 1942- COMPLETE MANUAL PARTS I,II,III & IV  / - MINT PBK REPRINT These four pamphlets show how close Home Guard training and thinking was to the British Army in the field. Admittedly some of the heavier weapons were crude (particularly the Smith Gun and the Northover Projector - both of which are covered), but the method of training was very similar to that of the field army. These four pamphlets cover battle craft, battle drill, patrolling and defence and are illustrated throughout with very clear line drawings and relevant photographs. The four pamphlets have never been published together before and we recommend them to anyone interested in the state of the infantry art in 1942-43 as well as in Home Guard training and thought at the time. A very good read that will clarify a number of tactical questions.  £29.99

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55204 Napoleon in Egypt: Al-Jabarti's Chronicle of the French Occupation of 1798  / - like new hardback . no jacket  190p. Includes  French view by Bonaparte's  private secretary £18.00

55205 ARMIES & UNIFORMS OF THE SEVEN YEARS WAR: 3) Coalition Forces - Austria, Sweden & Russia  / Woods like new but crease to cover  96p Full colour plates. The last in this best selling series. (TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH is the unofficial fourth volume) £15.00

55206 Napoleon's Military Machine: Operations manual  / McNab Hd.back. 172 pages. full colour throughout. Like new  £8.00

55207 HISTORY of Ireland: From the earliest period of the Irish annals, to the present time Volume 5 - 1644-1780s  / - 380p. Large format. Steel engravings. Half mock leather binding with marbled boards Wear to spine, internally excellent. Published Circa 1900 £35.00

55208 TOBRUK & EL ALAMEIN  / Maughan, Baton  VOLUME 2 only -   SEPT 1941 + The campaign in North Africa from the Australian point of view. This massive tome (reprinted in two volumes) is an excellent, minutely detailed account of Australian troops from March 1941 to December 1942. It is essentially the history of the Ninth Australian Division but is told in relation to other Allied troops also on the battlefield.  New  full version available £25.00

55209 Liberty in Italy as seen by the artists of the Depot of the War 1796-1797. Drawings and watercolours from the collection of the Minister of Defence.  / - Scarce. FRENCH TEXT Large format 60p.  50+ full colour  and  sepia illustrations of the campaign in Italy by French  official military artists £25.00

55210 SUSSEX IN THE GREAT CIVIL WAR 1642-1660  / Thomas-Stanford -original 1910 edition internally fine and sound, wear to boards & spine £40.00

55211  First Anglo-Maratha War 1774-1783: A Military Study of Major Battle  / Kantak E/C  hardback  250p. £49.50

55212 Militant Tricks: Battlefield Ruses of the Islamic Insurgent  / Poole 400p. E/C pbk £14.50

55213 EARL OF DERBY's  CATHILIC ARMY  / Gratton 30p. VGC pbk £9.50

55214 SIR WILLIAM CONGREVE AND THE ROCKET'S RED GALRE  / Grave 32p.  very well illustrated  study of the rocket system £9.50

55215 DIRTSIDE: S/F  rules  for10mm-6mm  / Tuffley, John 30p. VGC  pbk £7.50

55216 Art of the Gunmaker: volume  I 1500-1660  / Hayward 380p V well illus   hardback. lacks  jacket £20.00

55217 ARMIES OF HESSE AND THE UPPER RHINE CIRCLE 1670-1739  / Hall, Robert Hall, R Large format Usual superb colour flags and uniforms.. 310 pages of text, 48 pages of 21 x 29.5 cm colour plates Near Fine HARDBACK £75.00