SHARP PRACTICE ON THE CAPE FRONTIER: Frontier Wars in Colonial South Africa (1834-53)-Walker, Simon. 70p. large format. full colour. Campaign guide for Sharpe  Practice  & other rules. It covers all the major protagonists of the period, including British and Colonial forces, Boers, Xhosa, Basotho, Zulu, Matabele and other indigenous tribes with 29 unique unit rosters, 14 different core force lists, period-specific supplementary rules and support lists and 8 historical scenarios with maps and detailed orders of battle. £25.00¬

GENERAL D'ARMEE 2/Dave Brown. Packed with Napoleonic flavour, General d’Armee uses the battalion as the smallest manoeuvre element, and the Brigade the lowest tactical command. A typical club night action might involve several Brigades per side, and a full day or weekend handles a Corps or two with ease.

112 pages in length with two A4 laminated playsheets, General d’Armee 2 includes rules for using figures from 6mm to 28mm in size, details on organising your armies and getting them in the table. Two introductory scenarios are included to get you playing with the latest edition of these classic rules from the master of the big battlefield. £26.95

Victrix Early Saxon Unarmoured Warriors VXDA016-28mm Plastic figures. What you get: • 36 x unarmoured warrior bodies •£33.00

Post free worldwide

Wargames Atlantic AFGHAN CAVALRY WAAIC003  28mm Plastic Figures.-This 28mm hard plastic box set gives you enough parts to build 12 Afghan riders and horses including the option to build Herati cavalry. Compatible with our previously released Afghan Warriors infantry box as well. This set includes warriors typical of the North-West Frontier during conflicts with the British from 1830s-1920s. Buy 2 get them post free world wide  £21.50

WARGAMING WORLD SOLO: Ancient to Modern Solo Wargaming

-PARTIZAN PRESS /Ward, Gregory. 80p. large format pbk. Designed for any scale of figures or period, with examples  from 1066-1975. Uses  a chart based system  to play your  "Opponent"  giving a realistic  yet unpredictable  games. £17.50


There are 28 heads per frame and 2 frames per pack giving you 56 hard plastic heads to adorn your Victrix Spartan, Theban, Athenian, Mercenary and Macedonian sets. Helmet styles include, Corinthian, Attic, Illyrian, Chalcidian, Thracian, Pylos and Phrygian with a mix of crests including high stilted and transverse plus a very ornate double head crest. £17.50


Post free world wide £42.50

REGIMENTAL FIRE & FURY-Regimental softcover wire-bound edition provides players a more in-depth look at American Civil War combat. The smaller scale allows you to take command of individual regiments and batteries.. £39.50

REGIMENTAL FIRE AND FURY: Civil War Battle Scenarios Vol. 1 1861-1862-The full-color, 80-page softcover wire-bound book offers 16 early war battle scenarios to go with your Regimental Fire and Fury rulebook. The scenarios have been thoroughly researched, playtested, and designed to offer a wide range of gaming experiences. Each scenario comes with a detailed battlefield map, a complete order of battle with unit labels, and the special rules and content you need to set up and play each game. The book also has a section of optional rules and a new oblique template. £34.50

REGIMENTAL FIRE AND FURY: Civil War Battle Scenarios Vol. 2 1862-1863. £34.50

We have as always some second hand and shop soiled Books and Rules -        Please contact us if you have trouble finding the books you want.

55375 Operation Market Garden : RAPID  FIRE scenario book  / - MINT HARDBACK v well illus in colour £25.00

55376 UP THE NILE : Wargames rules for fighting battles in C19th Egypt and the Sudan  / Calder Crease to back cover £9.50

55377 JUSTICE FOR THE MAIMED SOLDIER 2) Army Hospital care from the Restoration to 1714  / Gruber Von Arni, E SPECIAL OFFER_ NEAR MINT HARDBACK. 210p. Inc Tangiers; Ireland; Nine Year's war; Standing army; Marlborough's Wars; Portugal & Spain; Care for the wounded on campaign £14.50

55378 Goodwood: Normandy, July 44 (Men & Battles)  / Lodieu 80p.well  illus  VGC pbk £8.50

55379 Pendulum of Battle, The: Operation Goodwood - July 1944  / Dunphie 200p. BVG  pbk. well illus  with excellent maps.  £6.50

55380 Sons of the Reich: The History of II SS Panzer Corps  / Reynolds 370p. VGC pbk. illus £5.00

55381 History Of The Peninsula War Vol3   / Napier like new  gold  cover  edition covers mainly 1808 £6.50

55382 HISTORY OF THE WAR IN THE PENINSULA AND THE SOUTH OF FRANCE  VI (6)  / Napier like new  gold  cover edition 760p. July 1813 to 1814 £7.50

55383 EVOLUTIONARY WAR: MINIATURE GAMING IN AN AGE IN WHICH WAR HAD RULES  / Kubik large format illus near mint pbk. 10-28mm scale. Order based  set. Seven Years war European and some of the larger actions of the French Indian war. Also useful for the battle in India. Quite a different set of rules in which the emphasis is on manouevre and command & control. £9.50

55384 WARGAMERS' ANNUAL 2015  / Grant, CS  and friends  near new . new  large format  pbk WWI & WWII scenarios; Painting figures; Multi player club game Gaming Riots £10.00

55385 QUICK AND THE UNDEAD: : FAST PLAY  ZOMBIE  RULES  / Wayne Bollands VGC  pbk. Based on Jasmin Storey-Smith's JANE AUSTEN: ZOMBIE KILLER  Regency zombie rules. Designed for fighting the Undead, but easily adaptable for Human on Human survivalist games Excellent for single scenario, or Campaign. Random generation of buildings, Loot and other features makes this ideal for SOLO play. Players are either human or Zombie (se GENERAL  section of  the  2nd hand list) Inc scenarios £7.00

55386 Armee Friedrichs des Großen in ihrer Uniformieerung gezeichnet .  / Adolph Menzel. near new, slight crease in one place.  Very large format  hardback.220p 100  Menzel plates  of Prussian troops of the SYW. counts as  2  books for postage £40.00

55387 Colonials in South Africa, 1899-1902, Their Record, Based On the Despatches  / Stirling, John. Hd.back. 497 pages. Cond. like new. Slight shelf edge wear. Combat history of   irregular troops  in the Boer War.  facsimile £15.00

55388 Panzer Colors: Camouflage of the German Panzer Forces 1939-1945: v. 1  / Culver 100p. VGC  large format pbk. v well illus  - inc colour  (!)- 2nd printing with colour  covers £26.00

55389 Beyond Rome to the Alps: Across the Arno and Gothic Line, 1944-1945  / Diamond 220p. v well illus  like new pbk. Images of War series £5.00

55390 Corunna 1809: Sir John Moore's Fighting Retreat (Praeger Illustrated Military History Series)  / - Osprey campaign but in hardback £16.50