We’ve been updating some of our older models for a while now and this month it’s time for the Panzer I and Panzer II chassis’ to get some attention. We’ve got new versions of all the variants, including the Panzerjager, Marder and Wespe.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to add two new models, with the Panzer II Ausf. C available, along with the Panzer II version of the sIG-33 15cm assault gun (Bison).

WWII German
GRV1 Panzer I, Ausf. A
GRV2 Panzer I, Ausf. A command
GRV3 Panzer I, Ausf. B
GRV4 Panzer I, Ausf. B command
GRV5 Panzer II, Ausf. F
GRV36 Panzerjager I
GRV41 Marder II
GRV79 Wespe
GRV80 Wespe ammunition carrier
GRV90 sIG-33, Pz I Ausf. B
GRV136 Panzer II, Ausf. C
GRV137 sIG-33 15cm, Pz II

And of course some pics!

Panzer I, Ausf. A

Panzer I, Ausf. A command

Panzer I, Ausf. B

Panzer I, Ausf. B command

Panzer II, Ausf. F

Panzerjager I

Marder II


Wespe ammunition carrier

sIG-33, Pz I Ausf. B

Panzer II, Ausf. C

sIG-33 15cm, Pz II